Jul 29, 2014
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Metro: Work Suspended For Cherry Blossoms

No weekend track work is scheduled while the blossoms are at their peak around the Tidal Basin.

Metro: Work Suspended For Cherry Blossoms

Metro's rigorous weekend track work will take a break for the next several weeks to accommodate Metro riders heading downtown for cherry blossom viewing and festivities.

Starting Saturday there will be no scheduled weekend track work on the Metrorail system through Sunday, April 15, according to Metro's website.

Weekend track work will not resume until Friday, April 20.

And, there will be no midday track work during the weekdays between Monday, March 26, and Friday, April 13. During this time, "all scheduled track work will take place after 10 p.m.," Metro adds.

"On average, Metro ridership increases by more than 15 percent during Cherry Blossom season, and weekend ridership can double to near-weekday levels if the weather is nice," Metro reports.

To accommodate the increased springtime traffic, some eight-car trains will be added during off-peak hours and weekends.

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