Jul 29, 2014
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Special Olympics Virginia needs FANS!

Special Olympics Virginia needs FANS!
Kick your heels up and Cheer! Throw your hands up and Cheer! Throw your head back and Cheer!

We’re certain you will electrify our athletes with your jazzy cheers – prove us right and “Volunteer to Cheer” at Special Olympics Virginia’s FANQUEST, Jan. 18 at 6 pm at Robinson Secondary School (5035 Sideburn Road) in Fairfax. Special Olympics  basketball athletes will take to the courts for basketball contests, a shoot-out and an all-star game featuring two local Special Olympics teams, during which we’ll also be tossing out prizes, running zany relays and pumping up the crowd in support of Special Olympics!

If you’ve ever played sports you know what it’s like to be cheered on by a crowd. Competing is not as special without fans. Help us fill the crowd and we promise you will see that our athletes are deserving of your applause and support. Sign up today at www.volunteer2cheer.com. Check-in will be at the “Volunteer to Cheer” table at the gym entrance. You will be given materials to make posters and signs, and everyone who comes out to cheer also will get free “cheer sticks” to help them get into the spirit! The “Volunteer to Cheer” table also will feature a chance for you to sign the “R-Word” pledge to eliminate the word “retard” or “retarded,” and take responsibility for the power words have on others.

FANQUEST, presented by Booz Allen Hamilton, is one of many events offered year round by Special Olympics Virginia. For more information on the 2014 FANQUEST, please contact Holly Claytor at hclaytor@specialolympicsva.org or 804.726.3025. To “Volunteer to Cheer,” visit www.volunteer2cheer.com and sign up today!

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