23 Aug 2014
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Winter Weather: What You Need to Know About Snow and Ice Removal, Water Main Breaks and More

Learn the City's winter weather procedures, including who to call for water main breaks, snow plowing and more.

Winter Weather: What You Need to Know About Snow and Ice Removal, Water Main Breaks and More
With winter comes the possibility of snowfall, ice storms and water main breaks. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

The City of Fairfax wants residents to know that staff are ready to help in any way they can. Here's what the City had to say about events like those this coming winter, and who to call for help:

Water Main Breaks: In the event of a water main break in underground pipes, water service to surrounding buildings is shut off temporarily while workers repair the problem. To report water main breaks, call 703-385-7920 during regular business hours or 703-385-7924 on evenings, weekends and holidays.

Snow and Ice Removal: The City of Fairfax is among the few jurisdictions in the surrounding area to plow its own roads. Public Works Department crews work around the clock to make city streets passable during a snowstorm, City officials said. 

Property owners are asked to clean snow from their own driveways and sidewalks in front of their properties. If you're standing on your property looking toward the street, pile snow to the right of your driveway so City trucks can come through and push it away from the driveway for you.

NOTE: It is against the law to shovel snow into city streets, as it can impede snow removal and create an unsafe situation.

Also, the City asks that residents who have a fire hydrant on or in front of your property please clear snow from around the hydrant to make room for fire hoses in case of an emergency.

Weather Emergencies: Snow emergencies and closures are announced in several ways—on CityScreen-12, the city's TV station, which is also broadcast online; by calling the City's news and events line, 703-273-1776; on the City's website; and through eMas, the city's emergency electronic message alert system. The City also alerts local television, radio and online news organizations.

For more information about emergency information and weather emergencies, call 703-385-7855 during business hours.

Emergency Preparation: Be prepared for weather-related and other types of emergencies. For advice, consult the Emergency Management Office at 703-385-4856 during business hours.

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