Jul 29, 2014

Government Shutdown: Halloween Costume Ideas?

Is John Boehner the Wicked Witch or Uncle Sam? You dress up the players as this federal (and local) nightmare drags on.

Government Shutdown: Halloween Costume Ideas?
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Talks continue in Washington, hopefully with a government shutdown resolution before Halloween. Among  current event costumes for 2013, you'll be seeing more than one Lady Liberty with a "closed" sign around her neck.

But what about those politicians in Washington deciding the fate of many paychecks in Northern Virginia? What costumes should President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner pick?

Would you dress the president in a Doctor Frankenstein outfit? Maybe Boehner should be a vampire. Or dress the pair as Sonny and Cher and hope for a catchy duet to end this mess.

Tell us what costumes you'd put the politicians in this year! Share it in the comments section below!

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