20 Aug 2014
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Letter to the Editor: Campaign Signs Cut

Signs supporting George Allen and Mitt Romney posted on Daniel Cortez's property were destroyed.

Letter to the Editor: Campaign Signs Cut Letter to the Editor: Campaign Signs Cut

Dear Editor, 

Tragically, "hate crimes" have continued in Stafford County, Virginia. As an independent who votes the person not the party, I voiced my free speech by having two large political signs placed on my property Tuesday. Haters decided this disabled Vietnam veteran's voice would not be heard Tuesday night as gutless COWARDS cut up these signs rather than have the courage to let the voters decide who "we" would support during this upcoming election.  I have voted Democrat and I have voted Republican but never have I had a "hate crime" committed on my property when I supported a Democrat. The signs will be replaced as soon as more come in the Allen and Romney headquarters. To the haters who think my voice will be silenced..."You are messing with the wrong man." 

Freedom of speech IS worth fighting for.....I fought for it in Vietnam my Uncles in WWII and Korea, and my son serving today. I WILL continue the fight against all enemies of our great democracy..."foreign and DOMESTIC" right here in Stafford County.  I must ask you cowards who live in my community..."Is it the color of my blood that makes you think I can't support the candidate of my choice?"  Or your lack of intestinal fortitude to allow the people to choose?  Again you cowards....you are messing with the wrong retired Marine. 

Daniel P. Cortez
Stafford, Virginia

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