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Mutts Matter: Joyous Petey

Meet Petey, an adorable, playful, and happy little pup who will steal your heart.

Mutts Matter: Joyous Petey Mutts Matter: Joyous Petey Mutts Matter: Joyous Petey Mutts Matter: Joyous Petey

Petey is a bundle of joy, energy, and cuteness all wrapped into one. His happiness is infectious, and when he greets you his whole body wiggles with enthusiasm as he flashes his big bully smile. Petey is a “pocket” American pit bull terrier mix. At only a year old, he’s still a puppy, weighs around 40 pounds, and will probably only gain another five pounds when he’s fully grown. He’s a handsome boy and quite the charmer, too.

Petey is a testament to the resiliency of dogs, and their ability to love and forgive. He was rescued by a group of Humane Society volunteers who were investigating a hoarding and neglect case in Arkansas. They found Petey in a ditch by the side of the road with a horrible wound to his face, and contacted Mutts Matter to help. He needed the extra care and medical treatment that a rescue can give.

At the hospital, the doctors found three BB pellets in Petey’s cheek, and said he was very fortunate that they didn’t affect his vision. Despite dealing with stitches and drains that remained in place for many days to help his wounds heal, he quickly became a favorite among the hospital staff for his great attitude and playful sweetness. Petey has made an amazing recovery, continues to love everyone he meets, and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, despite what he’s been through.

Petey quickly settled into to his foster home for a little TLC, and is almost completely healed now. His foster parents, Vicki and Aaron, say he’s been a great houseguest. He’s been calm inside the house while recuperating, he’s potty-trained, and they haven’t had to crate him when they leave for work. Aaron just gives him a Kong with some kibble and peanut butter, and Petey is good to go. He’s a smart pup, treat motivated, and has already learned to sit and wait for his food.

Aaron says Petey is a cuddle bug who loves to hang out on the couch and just be next to you. Sometimes, he will sit on Aaron’s foot and look at him with those cute puppy-dog eyes to let him know it’s time for a rub. He also loves to play and really enjoys affection. He’s not much of a barker, but likes to lie by the window to stay on top of the activity in the neighborhood.

When I met Petey to do his picture shoot, he greeted me warmly with lots of kisses, took treats gently from my hand, and settled down just long enough to let me take a few good shots. He’s a bouncy, playful dog that still sees the world with the wonderment of a puppy. 

Like most young pups, Petey needs some basic obedience training and work on leash walking. He loves to go on walks, but will pull when he wants to meet someone or another dog, and he wants to meet everyone. He also likes to chase things, especially small critters, so he will need a capable handler and someone who will teach him when chase is safe and appropriate. He can be jumpy when he gets excited, so he will fit best in a home with kids who are out of the toddler stage (7 years or older). He has an excellent temperament, and will make a great family dog.

Petey needs a family who will commit to his daily exercise and basic training, and a fenced yard or another young dog in the home to run and play with would be ideal.  Priority will be given to families with bully breed experience. He may only weigh 40 pounds, but he is still a strong dog, so his new family will need to work with him on leash walking, and give him the exercise a young, athletic bully pup requires.

To learn more about Petey, go to the Mutts Matter  Adoption Page and fill out an application, or you can contact Suzanne at suzanne@muttsmatterrescue.com.

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