20 Aug 2014
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Cuccinelli, Sen. Paul Slam Obamacare, Push 'Less Government' in Fairfax

Ken Cuccinelli slammed Obamacare and said 'more government means less liberties' at a rally with Sen. Rand Paul in Fairfax Monday.

Cuccinelli, Sen. Paul Slam Obamacare, Push 'Less Government' in Fairfax
by  Jennifer van der Kleut

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli appeared with Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Rep. Frank Wolfe (R-10th) and others in Fairfax Tuesday to promote their positions against Obamacare and for a less intrusive government.

The room was overflowing and spilling out into the hallways at the Waterford in the Fair Oaks area, and supporters erupted in applause as Cuccinelli and Paul took the stage.

Paul wasted no time, and praised Cuccinelli in being a leader in the fight against the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

"The president told me I could keep my doctor and my health insurance. He lied," Paul said as the crowd cheered. "Then just today, he told me that some of us could keep our health insurance, and some couldn't."

"Just like Terry McAuliffe said that he supported some of us getting to keep our guns, and some of us not," he said, as NRA members waved signs that read "I Am the NRA of Virginia, and I Vote."

As Cuccinelli took the stage, he said, "It's nice to see so many familiar, friendly faces in Fairfax, my old Senate district," referring back to his time as a state senator. "Not all faces I speak to on the campaign trail are so friendly."

Jumping into Sen. Paul's discussion of the ACA, Cuccinelli pointed out that no more than 30 to 35 minutes went by after President Obama had signed the bill into law then he had filed his suit against it, the first such state attorney general to do so.

He suggested the bill was a preview of more such laws to come from a Democratic federal government.

"If they can order you to buy health insurance, they can order you to buy anything, really. And they will," he said.

In one of the more popular phrases of the rally, Cuccinelli nicknamed the ACA the "Unaffordable Care Act," saying, "Since Oct. 1, more people have been knocked off their health insurance, than have gotten some. Why should we expand failure?"

Cuccinelli then asked the crowd, "Should we expand Medicaid under Obamacare?" to which the room shouted "No!"

In reference to his opponent, Cuccinelli said, "If you like D.C. politics, and Detroit financing, you'll love Terry McAuliffe as governor," whereas he said his philosophy is, "more government means less liberties."

He also took a moment to mention that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal would be campaigning with him in Northern Virginia on Tuesday, and poked fun at the Bill Clinton-Terry McAuliffe worldwind tour his opponent kicked off this week, saying Clinton's plane had "two left wings," making it "fly in circles."

Toward the end of the 30-minute rally, Cuccinelli said he liked to tease his opponent about all the "fanciful" promises he makes but cannot explain how he will fund, saying there was only one thing he would promise to fund—more help for people with mental illnesses.

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