Jul 28, 2014
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Herndon Council Adopts Pattern Book for Downtown Redevelopment

Pattern Book provides an illustrated guide for developers in the downtown area.

Herndon Council Adopts Pattern Book for Downtown Redevelopment Herndon Council Adopts Pattern Book for Downtown Redevelopment

During the Herndon Town Council's last public hearing* on Jan. 29, the council approved the pattern book to be used for downtown redevelopment. 

The pattern book provides an illustrated guide for property owners and developers to follow when developing land in the downtown that's in accordance with the Herndon Downtown Master Plan. 

The pattern book, formally The Herndon Pattern Book: A Guide for Downtown Development, was created for the town by Urban Design Associates of Pittsburgh. 

The pattern book includes four-color illustrations and guidelines that help those developing in the downtown determine the appropriate architecture to propose. It also includes summary information on the overall form and use of future development to go in the downtown, such as building scale, protecting historic resources and more. 

"This new tool captures the vision established by our Downtown Master Plan and brings it to life through detailed drawings and descriptions," said Mayor Lisa Merkel in a news release. "Now property owners and future developers can see exactly how we envision our downtown, and thereby propose projects that complement and further our vision."

The Herndon Pattern Book can be downloaded on the town's website under the Planning/Zoning section under Downtown Planning, or by contacting the Town of Herndon's Community Development department at 703-787-7380 or  community.development@herndon-va.gov.

* Correction: The Herndon Town Council's Jan. 29 meeting was a public hearing. 

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