Jul 29, 2014

Herndon Resident Honored by Life Circles Alliances

Steve Nehl received the Kudos for Community Caregivers Award.

Herndon Resident Honored by Life Circles Alliances

Herndon resident Steven Nehl, an Easter Seals caregiver, was recently honored with the Kudos for Community Caregivers Award from Life Circles Alliances in recognition of the care he has provided for his wife Joanne Quirk.

The award is given to caregivers who provide dedicated care day in and day out for older adults with developmental, intellectual and physical disabilities, including wounded warriors.

Life Circles Alliances is an organization that partners with the community to create independent living solutions for adults with disabilities. 

Quirk is a participant at the Easter Seals Senior + Program at the Herndon Senior Center. The program helps seniors with mild disabilities by enabling them to be fully involved at senior centers with a goal of preventing further declining health.

Quirk began attending the Senior + Program two years ago after she suffered two brain aneurysms. She is unable to work, but takes part in activities at the center, and when she’s at home it is Nehl that is there for her.

In addition to being Quirk's caregiver, Nehl also cares for the couple’s 26-year-old son who has been diagnosed with autism.

“Steve’s quiet voice and patient, steady demeanor belie the physical and emotional stresses that can surely take its toll on anyone’s ability to remain happy and function well at home and at work,” said Senior + Director Nancy Commisso. “He has extraordinary commitment, perseverance, loyalty, love and willingness to care for his family so unselfishly.”

Easter Seals celebrated National Caregiver Month in November. The month helps bring awareness to the challenges that family caregivers face, as well as advocate for stronger public policy to address the issues faced when it comes to family care giving. 

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