Jul 29, 2014

Storm Damage and Power Outages in Occoquan

Mayor Earnie Porta sends out an update by email newsletter.

Storm Damage and Power Outages in Occoquan

As of 2 p.m. power remains out throughout the entire Town of Occoquan.  Dominion Virginia Power, however, has indicated that it is a matter of hours, not days, before power is restored.  The sources of the outage appear to be associated with damage outside of town boundaries on Mt. High Street and Poplar Lane.

Storm damage in town has thus far been relatively modest.  We lost one gas light, and the comparatively low sea wall at 307 Mill Street (behind Brambles) has washed away. Although the latter has not yet resulted in any serious flooding of the adjoining properties, erosion of the parking area remains a concern.

Please continue to exercise caution when outside in the aftermath of the storm and be particularly alert to downed power lines and to carbon monoxide discharge from generators and other temporary power sources.

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