Jul 28, 2014

LTE: Board Response to Reid's Comments 'Disappointing'

Officials handling of Dec. 4 public comment meeting is "fueling culture war," one resident writes.

LTE: Board Response to Reid's Comments 'Disappointing'

To the editor:

I was deeply disappointed by the December 4 BoS public comment. Supervisors Reid and Delgaudio didn't have to rally apologists to fuel the "war on Christmas" narrative. They could have sincerely listened to the citizens targeted by Supervisor Reid’s thoughtless remarks, and responded as their hearts and consciences lead them.

 Instead, Supervisor Delgaudio, with or without Supervisor Reid's consent, issued a call to his list of "persecuted Christians," one of whom wore a pin from another anti-gay hate group, the American Family Association. I know that's what happened because I’ve seen the same pattern from material received via FOIA, evidence that he directs phone banking to insure that the people on his list turn out to “support me.”

Nearly everyone (except perhaps Supervisor Delgaudio) agrees that Supervisor Reid's comments were inappropriate. Everyone on the receiving end of those comments agrees that Supervisor Reid's apology wasn't sincere. The intentional fanning of “culture war” flames has made matters worse. 

For the past week I've been talking with Supervisor Reid’s office in an effort to get him and others to sit down together around a big table and talk like adults. So far he has refused, which is even more disappointing. We citizens who share this land called Loudoun County can't continue to battle each other like this. It has to stop. There must be reconciliation.

It is the Advent and Chanukah season. The Solstice is nearly here, and the light will soon be returning. Let's celebrate that light and put this darkness behind us. If the principal actors in this drama truly believe in the message of the holiday season, anything is possible.


Jonathan Weintraub
Lovettsville, VA 

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