22 Aug 2014
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CrossFit: Protein, Energy and Strength

It's been 10 weeks since I started my CrossFit experience, and I feel great.

CrossFit: Protein, Energy and Strength CrossFit: Protein, Energy and Strength CrossFit: Protein, Energy and Strength CrossFit: Protein, Energy and Strength

Without CrossFit, I think my heart would explode with all of the excess energy this five-week Paleo Challenge is giving me. And even with CrossFit, after years of being a night owl, the only way I can really sleep a full six hours is if I walk Josephine, my Boston Terrier, a couple miles every evening.

Since the sugar crash has come and gone, all I want now is exercise, roasted chicken, steak, bacon, almonds, fruit and veggies… and the occasional piece of dark chocolate. 

CrossFit Week 10

I recently spoke with my boss about CrossFit and mentioned that, after this series is concluded, I might move on to new athletic heights with another series on another topic elsewhere. But I really like , and after some thought I've decided to stay for a while—whether I write a new column or not. 

To the amazement of my fellow CrossFitters, I'm still smoking cigarettes. I know, I know. It's just about the worst thing I can do for my body, but I'd probably go insane if I had to give up sugar, bread, dairy, legumes and cigarettes. I'm choosing my battles right now, and smokes don't interfere with Paleo rules (even though cavemen didn't dig on cigarettes).

So, for the past two weeks of the challenge I've been smoking like a California forest fire. Am I dumb? Probably, but don't tell that to stress machine Winston Churchill. Those cigars got him through two World Wars, deep depression and enough cognac to make a rich man poor. 

Workout-wise, things are going pretty well. My deadlift is 315 pounds, I can do 20 kipping pull-ups consecutively, and, on Monday, we all got a nice surprise for the Workout of the Day: Run a 5K.

The last time I ran three miles was on the boxing team at the Marine Military Academy about 13 years ago, and even then, at my physical peak, I hated running. But what are you going to do? Leave? Quit? Tell everyone to go to hell because you didn't sign up for this? Nope. Come on, now. It's just a little run to the end of the block, up the hill, down the hill, over to Lorton Market Street and then back to CrossFit Liberation on Lorton Station Boulevard. 

I did the 5K in 30:15. The final mile was spent sprinting on the sidewalks and then sucking wind and staggering on the crosswalks. Afterward, I looked like I had jumped in the pool in my workout clothes. In retrospect, though, I felt pretty good after the run! My endurance is increasing, and so is my determination to get out as much energy as possible during these WODs. Incidentally, the WODs themselves are becoming more manageable. They still suck, but not like they did 10 weeks ago when I started this series. 

Foodwise, there are some great Lorton restaurants if you're on the Paleo Diet. Today I had chicken, shrimp and beef fajitas at . The meal, which included a side of guacamole, cost me $11.50. A few doors down you'll find , where the roasted bird is about as good as you can get, and a half-chicken costs you $10. And then, next door to CrossFit Liberation is the , where the "Mixed Grill" plate of roasted chicken breast, sausage and veggies will run you $11. 

Next Week: CrossFit Apparel 

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