Jul 28, 2014

South County Athletes Sign Letters of Intent

Stay tuned for future developments for these Stallions.

South County Athletes Sign Letters of Intent

Several South County High School athletes took steps Wednesday to climb to greater athletic heights. Six Stallions, surrounded by their friends and families, signed letters of intent to attend colleges (for full and partial scholarships) around the country. 

Each of the athletes started at South County in the seventh grade (when it was a secondary school).

Track and field star Felecia Majors is bound for the University of Tennessee, and is determined to get to the Olympics. "It feels like I'm getting married and that I have a lifetime commitment to Tennesee," she said. "I feel that the team will help me get to the Olympics. it's my biggest goal and I plan to get there." 

Wide receiver Aaron Jackson will attend North Carolina Central University and study clinical psychology. "I appreciate everyone for coming out," he told his friends, and offered a piece of advice. "Keep doing your school work. It's key. Remember, you can have the best tape in the world, but if you don't have the grades it doesn't mean anything."

Field Hockey forward Alexis Schramm will attend Virginia Commonwealth University. "I'm super excited," she said. "The thing I'll miss the most will be the team. We've played so long together that we don't even have to call each other's names. We knew where the ball was going to go."   

Schramm's teammate Stephanie Halstead will attend Bloomsbury, where she'll study nursing. "I'm just going to enjoy my college experience," she said. "I'm going to miss my teammates and my coach." 

South County linebacker Oren Burks signed a letter of intent to attend Vanderbilt University this fall. "It's been a long journey, and I can go so much further with the support around me," said Burks. 

South County Soccer star Britney Kendall will attend Radford University. "It's going to be different, but I'm excited," she said. I'll get to play with better players and they'll influence me to become better." 

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