Jul 29, 2014

Manassas City, Prince William County Schools Make Decision About Friday Classes

Will Prince William County and Manassas students be out of school until next Wednesday? Find out.

Manassas City, Prince William County Schools Make Decision About Friday Classes
Manassas City and Prince William County Schools will open two hours late Friday, Jan. 24.
Prince William County School Age Child Care (SACC) will operate on a two-hour delay. 

The Minnieland SACC program for Weems Elementary will open at 9:55 a.m.; the one for Round Elementary will open at 10:20 a.m.  The Boys and Girls Club before-school program will open at 6 a.m, Manassas school officials said. 

Manassas city schools administrators opted fora delayed start time to give students sufficient daylight to safely navigate icy sidewalks, according to the division's Facebook page

Prince William and Manassas school officials said bus delays are possible in unplowed or unpaved areas and that parents should prepare alternate plans in case of delays. Parents always have the option to keep children home if they have safety concerns, Prince William County school officials added. 
Additionally Osbourn High School has canceled the half-day the school division planned for Friday, Jan. 24. Students will visit all eight of their classes beginning with their B1 class when school starts. Read more on the Osbourn High website

What about next week?

There will be no school for Manassas City and Prince William County students on Monday, Jan. 27 as previously scheduled. Prince William County elementary students will have a half-day on Tuesday, Jan. 28, for teacher conferences while Manassas City students will have the full day off. 

Grades and report cards in Prince William County will now be issued Feb. 6, later than had previously been scheduled. Manassas City schools will issue report card on Jan. 31, according to the division's website

In a statement issued Thursday,  Prince William County school officials say the delay will give teachers additional time to complete student assessments and submit grade reports. It will also allow for the timely communication of mid-year reports for consideration by colleges and other programs.

The Prince William County Public Schools have 3.6 hours of time remaining before students would have to make up snow days, but school officials said options for make-up days are already being explored. 

It is not clear how much time remains for Manassas City Public Schools before make-up days will be added. 

Should schools be closed or delayed Friday? Tell us in the comments section below.

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