14 Sep 2014
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Netflix to Increase Membership Fees

Will you continue to use Netflix despite an increase in its membership prices by as much as 60 percent?

Netflix to Increase Membership Fees

DVD rental and streaming company Netflix announced this week that it will increase its membership prices by as much as 60 percent.

There will no longer be $9.99 monthly unlimited DVD-rental and streaming combination plan. Instead,Netflix will now separate DVD and streaming services into two separate plans, each priced at $7.99. A combo plan will still be available for $15.98 a month.

There will also be a standalone DVD rental plan that lets the user check out two discs at a time for $11.99 per month. For $7.99, users check out one title at a time.

With the recent closures of two Hollywood Video stores on Sudley Road in Manassas and only one Manassas has no more video stores, surely leading thousands of residents to use Netflix.

Will you stick with Netflix despite the price increase? Rent movies from RedBox at or grocery stores? See what the has for rent? Go to your cable's On Demand feature more often? Let your neighbors know what you are thinking - and if there are other video options to explore.

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