Jul 29, 2014

13 Ways To Use Patch to the Max

Think of our site as the community water cooler—a place where you can stop by and talk about everything going on in town.

13 Ways To Use Patch to the Max

Manassas Park Patch is now well into its second year. Within the last several months, Patch has gotten to know the community and created a good following and the ride thus far has been fantastic.

But we want to take the time to remind you why we're here and what this site is all about. Simply put, it's about you.

Patch was created so readers and the community can have plenty of opportunities to comment on stories, share opinions, post photos and announcements, and add events to the community calendar. 

So, next time you have something to share with your neighbors, consider taking a moment to post it on Patch. Chances are, you're not the only who feels that way.

We hope Patch will strengthen the Manassas Park community, but we can't do it without you. 

Here's how you can help: 

1. Comment on an article.

We subscribe to the idea that "news is a conversation." Much of our reporting will emanate from conversations around town, comments on our site and what readers tell us in emails. Share your thoughts and reactions to our articles by posting a comment directly below each story.  

2. Become a blogger.

Passionate about a particular issue or subject? Love writing about your children or family? Have something to tell the world about math? Whatever the subject, blog it on Patch. It's free, easy and fun. And best of all, it gets you engaged in the community like never before. Blogging on Patch means you reach tens of thousands of readers each month and ensures that your voice is heard throughout the community.

To blog for Patch, CLICK HERE.

3. Post an event.

Do you know of a book signing at our local bookstore, a celebrity chef appearance at a cooking store or an art exhibit at a local coffee shop? Is there a garage sale or graduation ceremony coming up? If it's not on the Patch calendar, it should be.

Feel free to add events to our site by CLICKING HERE

4. Sign up for newsletters.

The daily Patch newsletter brings you everything you need to know about Hazelwood that day—articles, blog posts, events and announcements that are relevant to your everyday life. It is delivered via email each day to your inbox before 7 a.m.

To sign up for the newsletter, CLICK HERE

5. Claim your FREE directory listing.

Claiming your business' lisiting on Patch is a no-brainer. Once you've claimed your listing, you can add events and announcements about your business, upload photos, recognize clients and customers and more. You'll also be notified any time a user rates your business or leaves a review. Best of all, it's free. To contact us about the listing for your business or organization, email Manassas Park Patch editor Jamie Rogers at jamie.rogers@patch.com.

If you own or manage a business or organization in our directory, claim it by searching for your business by CLICKING HERE.

6. Get engaged in social media.

Like the rest of modern society, we can't get enough of Facebook and Twitter! Like us on  Facebook  and follow us on  Twitter and you'll always be connected to Manassas Park news and information. Immerse yourself in our content and actively contribute. Let's start a conversation together.

7. Upload your photos and video.

Upload videos of the high football touchdown or your Manassas Park Little Leaguer's first home run. Post photos from local festivals or send in a snapshot of your best holiday recipes. We invite you to share the memories you've caught on camera with the rest of the community.

Where will the photos go? In our Community Gallery! To upload a photo or video, CLICK HERE.

8. Hate traffic? Patch can help with that!

To help make your morning drive as efficient as possible, Manassas Park Patch allows its readers a live view of traffic conditions via Mapquest. To view the feature,  CLICK HERE.

9. Shout it out!

You now have a way to giving a shout-out on the site without having to add a comment to an existing article. You can tell us what you have to say right now by using the shout box at the top of the Activity Stream. Whatever you "shout" will go directly into the stream and right on the homepage.

10. Review restaurants.

Do you want to be the first to tell your friends whether the new restaurant in town gets two thumbs up? You can post a review of your favorite (or least favorite) restaurants! Or read our existing reviews to find what you're craving. You can filter results by cuisine, price or seating accommodations.

To leave a review, search for restaurants by CLICKING HERE.

11. Send a news tip.

At the bottom of the homepage there's a link that says, "Send Us News Tips." Tell us about stories we should cover. Your tip will be sent straight to Manassas Park Patch's (incredibly grateful) editor. Of course, you can always email us with the contact information located right below the Manassas Park Patch logo at the top of the homepage.

12. Post an announcement.

Post birth announcements, engagements and wedding announcements. Tell us who made the honor roll or share news about school awards, social notes and thank-you shout-outs. If you're looking for volunteers or searching for your lost dog, we welcome you to call on your community for help. Just remember, our  Terms of Service state that announcements should be for personal use and not for advertising.

13. Send a letter to the editor.

Patch would like to extend an invitation to every member of the community to submit a letter to the editor. Express your thoughts or concerns about anything that might be stirring up conversation around town, and we'll post it. You can send them to jamie.rogers@patch.com.

The more Manassas Park Patch serves as an online space for community dialogue, the more useful our site will be.

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