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Letter: Resident Miffed Over Mattress Mixup

Manassas Park resident said she had an ill-experience with mattress warehouse in Manassas.

Letter: Resident Miffed Over Mattress Mixup

Dear Jamie:

 I would like to share with you and all Manassas Park Patch readers a “Buyers Beware” to hopefully help others considering buying a mattress from Mattress Express USA, located at  8279 Shoppers Sq, Manassas, VA 20111.  

I visited this established in February and was interested in purchasing a king size mattress set.  I met the manager, Rick, who seemed very nice, friendly, informative but not pushy.  

After narrowing it down to the style mattress I was interested in, Rick showed me two styles.  One he said was the most popular mattress sold, however it was out of my price range.  The other one that I stated I liked, he said was the second most popular mattress sold.  It was affordable, yet had all qualities I was looking for, therefore I selected this one and I decided to take advantage of their layaway plan.

Rick wrote the model number of the bed I selected on the receipt, however, he did not write the description and I must say that it was my own ignorance that I did not ask him to do this. 

But, he was so nice and even provided me with a government discount because I work for a defense contractor,  I didn’t think that I would be cheated and not receive the correct mattress I selected.   I made my payments within the required timeframe and submitted my last payment on April 27.  

The customer service rep who took the final payment stated that the warehouse would be calling within a week to schedule delivery. 

 After waiting a week and not receiving a phone call, I visited the store again and this time was told that it usually takes the warehouse 10 days to receive the mattress and deliver it to the store and then after this, someone would call me.   Again, one more week after this, I still get no phone calls to schedule delivery or from Rick, the manager providing me with status. 

So, again, on May 20, I go to the store and this time Rick states that the first bed delivered was damaged and they had to return it and are waiting for a replacement.  He promised that I would receive a phone call on Tuesday, May 22 to schedule delivery.  

Again, you would think that as the manager of a new business in the area, Rick would have serviced his customer better by providing a courtesy call to explain the status of the delivery, especially after it being almost one month past the date of final and full payment. 

 On Tuesday, no one calls, as promised, and when I call the store at 7 p.m. I receive a voice mail, because the business number is a cell phone.    Now, I’m extremely concerned that I’m not going to get my mattress and that this store is a set up.

 But, by Wednesday, Rick has another sales person call me to finally schedule deliver on Saturday, May 26 and I think that my nightmare is finally over.  

The delivery people come, set up the bed and leave.  When I finally go to sit on my bed, I notice that it does not have the same plush pillow top style mattress I selected.  It is the same brand, but a cheaper model that’s hard as a rock when you lie on it.   I know for a fact that I would have never selected this style of mattress. 

 So, I go back to the store that same day and explain to the sales rep what just occurred.  He was very courteous and we tried to find the model bed  that I initially selected on the floor, but that model number that is written on my receipt is nowhere on display at the store. 

I do however, find another mattress that I do believe is the one I selected and it also happens to be the same price that I paid.  After explaining to the sales rep all that occurred and how unhappy I am with the entire experience at this store, Rick finally comes out from the back of the store. 

I then begin my explanation all over again to him and express how unhappy I am not only with his lack of customer service, but how now after a month, I have the wrong mattress. 

All he could say was that he would have to call the warehouse on Tuesday, after the holiday and have them check the manifest since the bed that I selected is no longer on the floor.  I asked him to assure me that I would receive a phone call back on Tuesday.

 At this point, nothing is resolved and if he comes back and states that the model number written on my receipt is the model number for the mattress I received, it will be my word against his since there was no written description of what that model number depicts. 

I can only hope and pray that this store will do the right thing regardless and trade the mattress that I have for the one that is in the store that I would like to have that is the same price.  

After all that I’ve experienced already, I’m not hopeful, but I’m hoping that by exposing this business, it will not only encourage them to keep a customer happy, but also make others aware of what they may experience when shopping at this establishment. 

Their prices were great and I thought that by avoiding the big name brand mattress chain stores, I would not only save money on an expensive mattress but also give money back to our community by patronizing a local business.   I was very wrong. 

I’m hoping that the right thing will be done and that I can write back with a positive ending.  But, for now…”BUYERS BEWARE”!!!


 Kismet C. May

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