Jul 29, 2014

Manassas Park Election Guide

The candidates, incumbents and issues that will be affecting Manassas Park.

Manassas Park Election Guide

As we look ahead to November’s elections, Manassas Park Patch is devoted to bringing you the information you need about every race in town. Here's our start on the candidates and issues we'll be covering as November draws near. Bookmark this page for updates.

 U.S. President

President Barack Obama: The president will try to repeat his 2008 victory in the Old Dominion. Though it's an uphill climb, Obama in the money chase.

GOP Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney: Former Massachusetts Governor and presumptive GOP Presidential Nominee to campaign and speak on the country’s struggling economy.

U.S. Senate

 George Allen: Former Gov. George Allen , in which he beat out E.W. Jackson, Del.  and  for the nomination with 66 percent of the vote. And it looks like Allen will have help in his corner; , telling Virginians that Allen’s vote in the Senate could be a deciding factor in passing tax reforms and more. During a visit to AOL’s Dulles campus in May, Allen said he was in favor of offshore drilling and expanding Dulles Metrorail into Loudoun County.

 Tim Kaine: will have a close race with his fellow former governor and opponent George Allen. Both candidates are well-funded and close in the polls. is one of many steps toward removing the “red ink” in Washington. Kaine has noted that helpful budget surpluses vanished while Allen was in the Senate from 2001 to 2007.

10th Congressional District

Frank Wolf: Republican incumbent U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf has held his seat in Virginia’s 10th District since he was first elected to it in 1980. According to opencongress.com, Wolf votes along GOP lines 89 percent of the time.  Wolf took about 63 percent of the 10th District vote during the 2010 election.

Kristin Cabral: Fairfax attorney . Cabral will go right to a general election contest against longtime incumbent Frank Wolf, a politician who has been in congress for decades and who Cabral thinks has become part of the problem, only voting on partisan lines.

Manassas Park City Mayor

Incumbent Mayor Frank Jones announced he is running unopposed for re-election.

He is seeking his third term in office.

Jones, who is orginially from South Carolina and a graduate of the University of South Carolina in Columbia, was selected to serve on the Manassas Park School Board in 1991.

He became the school board chairman in 1993 and remained in that position until he was elected mayor of the city in 2004.

Jones said he is running for a third term because he wants to ensure the quality of services in Manassas Park are sustained or improved. The mayor said the city has come through some tough financial storms and he wants to make sure its fiscal resources are managed and relief is brought to the tax payers.

There are three councilmen running for re-election in Manassas Park. Stay with Patch for more details as November draws near.

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