Jul 30, 2014

Speak Out: Marshall Upset Over Appointment of Gay Judge

Manassas Park Del. Bob Marshall worked to successfully block the judgeship appointment of Richmond's openly gay prosecutor Tracy Thorne-Begland.

Speak Out: Marshall Upset Over Appointment of Gay Judge

Manassas Park Del. Bob Marshall said in an email to Gov. Bob McDonnell that he and others are “stunned” about McDonnell's endorsement of Virginia’s first openly gay judge, according to Richmond Times-Dispatch reports

 , who also represents parts of Manassas in the Virginia House of Delegates, said he led the charge to in May.

 “I’d do it again,” .

Marshall could not be reached for comment on Monday.

 Though the House of Delegates voted against Thorne-Begland’s appointment in May, Richmond Circuit Court judges appointed him to the position on Thursday, several media outlets reported.

 McDonnell congratulated Thorne-Begland on the appointment, a spokesman for the governor told the Richmond Times Dispatch on Thursday.

 In an email to the governor, Marshall said that McDonnell’s support of the Circuit Court judges’ decision means he holds that branch of government to be superior to the branch elected by the people.

 The Times-Dispatch reports Marshall wrote, “However, I and others are stunned by your open embrace of the judicial activists on the Richmond Circuit Court who have effectively usurped a constitutional power belonging to the General Assembly by selecting a nominee after he was rejected by the assembly."

 In May, and he has been quoted as being critical of the judicial system because of its alleged “hostility” to gay rights.

 Marshall told the Times-Dispatch that he will introduce legislation next session that will prevent people from getting paid for their employment if they were appointed to positions for which the general assembly had rejected them.

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