22 Aug 2014
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Owner of Cat Shot With Arrow Speaks Out About Incident

Lana Conner, Whiskers' owner, said she was horrified when her cat came home on Aug. 1 with an arrow shot through the back of her neck.


Manassas Park resident Lana Conner said she was horrified when her beloved 7-year-old cat came walking up the driveway of her home with an black-and-yellow arrow through its neck last week.

Manassas Park Police said someone shot Conner’s long-haired tabby, Whiskers, through the neck with an arrow on Aug. 1. 

“It was mean and it’s vicious,” said Conner, who is clerk to Manassas Park City Council. “I’ve lived here forever and nothing like this has ever happened.”

Conner said she immediately got up from her place on the porch and rushed Whiskers to the vet. 

“She just came up and she was meowing … she was meowing all the way to the vet. It was heartbreaking. Why would someone do this?” she said.

 Conner said she wasn’t as sad as she was enraged about the whole incident.

“I didn’t cry. I was mad. I mean, why would someone do that?” she said.

As the vet treated Whiskers, Conner said she didn’t know how much damage the arrow did.

“It turned out OK. The vet put her on antibiotics,” she said. “The vet said she was lucky.”

Police took the arrow as evidence and are still investigating the crime. No arrests have been made.

Conner said she is hoping that the person responsible for hurting her cat will speak about their crime, if not to the police, then to someone else.

In the meantime, Whiskers is at home recovering.

“She’s fine. She is getting spoiled rotten,” Conner said. “It didn’t keep her down.”

 Whiskers used to go and come as she pleased through a doggie door used by the family’s dogs, but now she is confined to the house, out of fear for her safety.

She still wants to go back outside … it's not really fair to her to keep her inside. But I don’t know,” Conner said.

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call the Manassas Park Police Department. 

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