Jul 30, 2014

McLean Deputy Police Commander Departing

Lt. Powell Earns Promotion

McLean Deputy Police Commander Departing McLean Deputy Police Commander Departing

The deputy commander of the McLean Police Department has a new rank and a new job.

Lt. Jeff Powell, who became deputy commander about a year ago, has been promoted to captain. A new job comes with his new rank --- duty officer.

There is a duty officer on duty around the clock with the Fairfax County Police Department. This officer manages police activity and resources at major events or crime scenes.

His last day is Friday.

McLean District Police Commander Capt. Steve Thompson left McLean the end of January to become head of Organized Crime and Narcotics for the Fairfax County police department. He has since retired from the department.

Capt. Thompson served as commander of the McLean District since April 2008.

Lt. Paul Norton, who is now with the Major Crimes Division, becomes the new deputy commander. Lt. Morton was recently promoted from second lieutenant to first lieutenant.

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