23 Aug 2014
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Send a Postcard to Your Local Library

Alexandria Library system asks library patrons to share their vacation experiences and favorite reads through the "Take Your Library With You" project.

Send a Postcard to Your Local Library

Join "The Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful" and other great postcard sentiments by participating in Alexandria Library's travel postcard campaign this summer.

The "Take Your Library With You" project allows library patrons to share their vacation spots and favorite reads while they trek around outside of their usual haunts.

Available at any of Alexandria library's four branches including Old Town's and , the brightly-themed postcards can also be found at participating businesses that have joined this community-centered initiative.

Whether it be a stone throw's away or somewhere much further, Alexandria Library anticipates the written feedback about travel and books, or ebooks–possibly borrowed from the library–that vacationers enjoyed.

Travelers also can fill out can also fill out a virtual postcard online. Postcards will be put on display and destinations will be highlighted on world maps at the branches for library users to discover more about their neighbors this season.

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