Jul 28, 2014
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Hudgins: 'Not Involved' In Any RNGC Talks

Hunter Mill Supervisor says she supports county zoning's stance that Reston National should remain open space.

Hudgins: 'Not Involved' In Any RNGC Talks

Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins says she has not had discussions with the owners of Reston National Golf Course about redevelopment there.

Hudgins statement comes in response to a Reston 2020 report earlier this week that said there may be a deal in the works to bring some residential development to the 166-acre site, along with a big park.

On Thursday, Reston Association also said it has not been involved in any talks.

The issue of redeveloping Reston National Golf Course has been discussed since it came to light last summer that the golf course owner, RN Golf Management, inquired with Fairfax County Zoning as to the space's residential status.

When the county said turing the open space into residential would involve a change to the county master plan, the owners filed an appeal. The appeal will be heard May 22.

The entire text of Hudgins' message in her weekly Hunter Mill Highlights newsletter is below.

As most of you are aware, last summer, Reston National Golf Course(RNGC) requested an interpretation of its zoning status. As I shared in previous communications, it is not unusual for land owners to request that the Fairfax County Zoning Administration provide an interpretation on the use of their land.

Following the established process, the Fairfax County Zoning Administrator responded that, according to the original development plan, the RNGC property is designated open space. Reston National Golf Course, disagreeing with that opinion, has chosen to appeal that decision before the Board of Zoning Appeal (BZA).  Currently, the BZA Public Hearing on this matter was originally scheduled for a January date.  Reston National Golf Course chose to defer its appearance before the BZA until May 22, 2013.

From the outset, I have supported - and continue to support - the Zoning Administrator's decision.

In addition, contrary to the Reston Patch and Reston 2020 reports, I have not been involved with any discussions with RNGC owners, Reston Association, Fairfax County Park Authority or others regarding any activity associated with this property.

As Reston residents, all of us can make our voices heard by attending the  May 22nd meeting and signing up to speak. Or, you may forward a letter to the BZA expressing your concerns regarding the appeal. I would encourage you to do both.Let’s remember that Reston’s original planning and development required open space for active and passive recreation and I feel confident that will continue.

Please do contact my office if you have concerns. It is the best way for both of us to separate fact from fiction and work together to resolve community issues. As always your input is critical to success



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