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Ask the Town: Where is Free, 24-Hour Parking?

This week: Tips for parking around the Town of Vienna

Ask the Town: Where is Free, 24-Hour Parking?

"Ask the Town" is a weekly series that features Vienna Public Information Officer Kirstyn Barr answering reader questions about anything and everything Vienna. Have a question? Leave it in the comments below; we'll answer it next week

Tenisha Mitchell: Is there any free, 24-hour public parking in Vienna? I need to find a place to park my third vehicle since my place of residence, Halstead Square, cannot accommodate it. Thank you!

Kirstyn Barr: I'll begin by noting that Halstead Square is not within the Town’s limits. Having a Vienna mailing address does not automatically mean you are within the corporate limits of Town. A sure sign you do live "in town" is you pay taxes to Vienna and Fairfax County or you have a quadrant on your address like South, North, SE or NE. ( Click here for the Town Map Gallery for "Town's limits."­)

If you want to know about parking in Fairfax County, the Fairfax County Department of Transportation has an informative chart on general parking restrictions and things to know when parking on streets in the county. ( For general parking restrictions, click here.)

As far as parking within the Town, the short answer is that the Town does not have any specific lot or location that provides free, 24-hour public parking.  

The long answer is that absent to any signage indicating otherwise, most public streets within the Town are available for parking 24 hours a day. When parking your car on a public road, pay attention to any signage on the street that might read "No Parking" or whether or not the street is located within a residential parking district, in which you will need to display a parking decal to park on the street. The only stipulation with parking your vehicle on any public road within Town is that you cannot leave your car on any street for a continuous period of more than 48 hours. Up to that, however, you can park your car on the road as long as you have current registration and inspection.

And as a reminder, while cars can park on public streets, watercraft, boat trailers, motor homes, camping trailers and any other restricted vehicle, including those that are either stand alone or connected to a motor vehicle, cannot park on streets within Town. You can; however, park these vehicles on the street if you are actively unloading or loading or for an emergency repair.

There are other public parking opportunities in Town that are available in-part through agreements made between the Town and other public and private entities in an effort to provide additional parking during special events and high-volume times, such as weekends and holidays. These locations are available during specific times and days of the week and you can find out more on the Town's website at http://www.viennava.gov/index.aspx?NID=871.

Click here for a Town Map.

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