Jul 26, 2014

Eating Across Vienna: Maple Ave Restaurant Wins Week 5

Chicken and Waffles top pick in weekly readers poll

Eating Across Vienna: Maple Ave Restaurant Wins Week 5

The third time was a charm for the Chicken and Waffles from which won week five of Eating Across Vienna,

Maple Ave Restaurant opened in the former Anita's space in August 2009 as a restaurant that focuses on "eclectic American cuisine." It's one of the few restaurants in Vienna with a rotating, seasonal, locally-focused menu.

The chicken and waffles dish has made it to the voting round of Eating Across Vienna twice before: in the competition's and again

This week, it went neck and neck with Potato and Onion Ravioli from Bazin's On Church, another

MAR's pick led the Bazin's dish by just four votes for most of the day Thursday, but pulled ahead later that night to close the poll with a nine-vote lead.

Readers this week. Here's how they stacked up:

  • Braised Boneless Chicken, "0%" (One vote)Chicken and Waffles, 47%
  • Crispy Beef,  7%
  • Hummus, Kabob Tavern 5%
  • Potato Onion Ravioli, : 38%

Check back on Monday for Patch's review of the chicken and waffles, and for a chance to nominate another dish. Don't worry: if your dish didn't win this week, you can nominate it again for next week's voting.

As a reminder:

  • Each Monday we'll ask Vienna Patch readers to nominate their favorite dishes in Vienna.
  • Each Wednesday, we'll open those nominations for voting.
  • By Friday, the winning dish will be announced.
  • Tune in the following Monday to read our review of the dish, and, nominate another.

And the rules:

  • The dish must be from a local restaurant (No chains).
  • The dish must be under $20.
  • You must name a specific dish, not just the name of a restaurant.
  • A dish cannot "win" more than once, but it can be nominated as many times as it takes for it to win.

Want to share your own experience at one of the nominated restaurants? Follow the links for , and to rate them and write a review.

Past Winners:

  • Week of Jan.9 : Review coming soon
  • Week of Jan. 16: |
  • Week of Jan. 23: |
  • Week of Jan 30: |

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