Jul 28, 2014

Eastside Tully's Locations to Begin Serving Beer and Wine?

A company spokeswoman confirmed the location has applied for liquor licenses in Woodinville and Redmond but declined to provide additional details.

Eastside Tully's Locations to Begin Serving Beer and Wine? Eastside Tully's Locations to Begin Serving Beer and Wine?

How about a glass of chardonnay with that double latte?

The in Redmond's Bella Bottega shopping center and a Woodinville Tully's location has applied for liquor licenses to serve beer and wine, according to the state's  liquor license database. However, at this point the company will not say whether it actually plans to add alcohol to its drink menu.

"It's something we're considering doing, but it's a little premature at this point to give out more information," Diane Geurts, director of marketing and public relations for Tully's, told Redmond Patch on Tuesday afternoon.

The liquor license database does not include any of the company's Bellevue locations.

Perhaps it would only appropriate for a coffee company that's  prominently headquartered at a former brewery to get into the beer and wine business.

The idea is not without precedent. Seattle-based coffee giant Starbucks began selling beer and wine at select locations in 2010 and r ecently announced it's expanding the concept beyond the Pacific Northwest to Chicago.

Geurts said the Bella Bottega shop is "one of just a few locations" that Tully's is considering for beer and wine sales. A quick search of the state's liquor license database shows the Woodinville store at 14481 Woodinville-Redmond Road also has a pending application.

What do you think? Would you consider kicking back with a glass of wine or beer at Tully's? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Editor's Note: Thanks to Redmond Patch reader Kristin G. for the tip!

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