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Grab Your Peeps for Some Easter Trivia

From chocolate to eggs and rabbits to marshmallows, learn about the oddly-tied traditions of Easter Sunday.

Grab Your Peeps for Some Easter Trivia

"Easter, the day Jesus rose from the dead, what should we do?
How 'bout eggs?

Well, what does that have to do with Jesus?
Alright, we'll hide 'em.

I don't follow your logic.
Don't worry, there's a bunny."
-- Holiday Traditions by Jim Gaffigan, comedian

We all know the origin of Easter. Religious or not, you know this holiday is based on the Christian belief of Christ rising from the dead. So, what's with the strangely tied traditions of eggs, bunnies and candy? And how do they relate to the holiest of beliefs?

Over hundreds of years, the notion of rabbits and eggs representing Easter evolved into the traditions we celebrate today. There is some debate whether or not the symbol of an egg being tied to Easter is rooted in pagan belief, but many agree that the egg does represent new life and fertility.

Since spring brings growth and renewal, the rabbit also seperately became a natural symbol of the season, considering it's fertility and spring-breeding habits, so its connection to Easter followed suit. Being similar in spring representations, the myth of the Easter Bunny carrying eggs was formed. With the popularity of the stories associated to Easter, it wasn't long before France and Germany jumped into the chocolate production with Cadbury in the 19th Century after the introduction of a pure cocoa. ( HuffingtonPost.com)

With Easter comes lots and lots of candy. The holiday falls second in yearly candy sales, only behind Halloween. Your dentist is probably anticipating the increase in business.

At your family brunch, it may be debatable as to what is the favored candy treat to celebrate the day of Jesus, but national sales numbers continue to prove that the famous and brightly colored marshmallow confection Peeps, in all it's iterations, are the number one purchase - consisting of 700 million Peeps sold for Easter. ( yumsugar.com)

While you may not completely understand the allure of this favored treat, you can't deny it's popularity with children and adults alike. Google "Peeps" and you'll be bombarded by fan clubs, creative dioramas and shockingly versatile recipe ideas. Peep-tini anyone? Or maybe Peepshi, a Peep sushi, is more your speed. Pinterest also highlights the product with a crafty take that ranges from wreaths to center-pieces.

More of a chocolate fan? You certainly won't be missing out. Chocolate bunnies abound and seem to increase in numbers each year, similar to their live counterpart. All of your favorite chocolatiers are getting in on the action - from Lindt to Hershey's, See's to Godiva, there's a hollow or solid animal for every taste. But did you know that there are statistics on how the population prefers to eat their 90 million bunnies? An overwhelming 76 percent will take a bite out of one, ears first. And the milk chocolate variety has a 2-to-1 hold on the dark chocolate version. ( yumsugar.com)

Other facts and stats to impress your guests this Easter:

  • There are 16 billion jelly beans produced for Easter. ( yumsugar.com
  • Pretzels were once associated with Easter because it was thought to look like arms crossed in prayer. ( yumsugar.com)
  • The White House has been celebrating Easter with an egg roll since 1878. ( yumsugar.com)
  • Deep-fried chocolate Easter eggs are popular in Scottish fish & chip eateries. ( theholidayspot.com)
  • In 1953, it took 27 hours to create a marshmallow Peep using a pastry bag and hand painting eyes. Today, it takes 6 minutes. ( NPR.com)

Learn more about the history of Easter , along with other fun facts and fool-proof techniqueest for your Easter eggs.

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