21 Aug 2014
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Sumner Police Blotter, Sept. 29 - Oct. 4

The following arrest information has been provided by the Sumner Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

Sumner Police Blotter, Sept. 29 - Oct. 4

Sept. 29

House Burglary

2:02pm: An officer responded to a home on Zehnder St. for a residential burglary. The victim said that sometime between during the day, someone entered her residence. When she returned she noticed her dresser drawers open and her Kindle gone, along with some jewelry. She also said that she left her front door unlocked because she didn’t have an extra house key.

Police spoke to her neighbor, who said that about an hour earlier, he was cutting wood in his backyard and noticed a female riding a blue cruiser bicycle and noticed it parked between their houses, but didn’t think it suspicious. The woman was described as a white female in her early 30s with short brown hair wearing blue jeans with a black bike helmet.

The next afternoon, an officer took a report of found property at the police station – an unknown man turned in a blue duffel bag. In the bag was a stack of papers belonging to the house burglary victim. Also in the bag were items not belonging to the woman. Police are pursuing leads on a possible suspect.

Oct. 4

One-car accident, Minor in Possession

2:30am: Police were dispatched to 1700 block of Wood Ave. on the report of a one-car accident with injured passengers. It had been raining most of the day and the roads were very wet. One of the officers radioed in that someone involved might have left the scene.

Officer arrived and found the 20 year-old driver of the vehicle standing outside the car and being treated by medics. He had damage to his left eye and his face was starting to swell, plus a bruise to his left shoulder area from what appeared to be the seatbelt. When asked what happened, the man said he was traveling 25 mph and started to go around the curve of the road when his vehicle slid off into a fence and tree. Based on the damage to the vehicle and his injuries, officers thought there was no way he was only going 25 mph. The man said he had nothing to drink, and did not seem impaired. Outside the passenger side door was an unopened can of beer and there was another unopened beer on the drivers side floorboards. The vehicle smelled like spilled beer. The impact of the crash was enough to total the car.

The officer found a wallet in the front passenger seat with ID belonging to a 19 year-old male. Police asked the driver where his friend went, and the man claimed not to know what he was talking about. He was transported to Good Samaritan Hospital and the man was cited for MIP and traffic infraction.

Bar assault

12:07pm: A Puyallup woman and her boyfriend from Auburn came to the Sumner police station to report an assault. She said that she was attacked by two women at the Log Cabin Pub and Eatery two days earlier.

She said she knew the women had a reputation for getting into fights and when she ran into them at the bar, she tried to leave when they confronted her. She said that one of the women told her she shouldn’t be dating her boyfriend. She tried to walk away when the woman hit her. The victim said everything went black and she woke up with the other woman’s friend on top of her, hitting her in the face.

She went to the hospital and was diagnosed with a broken nose. Her black leather Jimmy Choo purse was missing, along with credit cards, car keys, her iPhone and other valuables.

The man said that both women were bragging about beating up the woman on their Facebook pages. The investigation is pending.

Domestic Dispute Involving Minor

5:34pm: A woman on the 1400 block of Bonney Ave. reported that her 16 year-old son beat up her live-in boyfriend and he had fled the house, to Seibenthaler Park. According to the boyfriend, the boy said he was hungry and the man told him to put some pizza in the oven. The teenager complained and the man stood up and asked him what was wrong, then the boy punched him. He also grabbed the man by the neck and pushed him against the wall.

The man said he grabbed at the boy but didn’t hit him. After the fight, the boy and his friend walked out the front door, and the man locked it behind him. The teenager tried to kick it in and seriously damaged the doorframe.

Officers checked the park but the boys were not there. Police had responded to another incident with the teenager about a month prior for pushing his mother. She called her son and spoke with him on the phone, and the officer could hear him calling her vulgar names and saying that he doesn’t like her boyfriend. The officer took the phone and talked to him, and agreed to meet him in the park.

When police interviewed the teenager, he said that when the man stood up, the teen took it as an ‘immediate threat’ and had to defend himself – both men assaulted each other. He said the boyfriend mistreats his mom. When he tried to leave, he could hear the man talking about him from the other side of the door, so he kicked it.

The boy was placed under arrest and was placed in the car but continued to yell at his mother while walking toward the car. He was booked at Remann Hall for assault and malicious mischief.

Prescription Forgery

6:05pm: Officers contacted the Fred Meyer pharmacy manager for a report of a prescription forgery. The manager said a man requested a prescription of 120 Oxycodone pills and identified himself with a drivers license. The manager thought the prescription was fake because it had been written with three different pens.

The officer called UW Medical Center and confirmed that the man was not a former or present patient. They caught up with the man when he came to pick up his prescriptions and advised him he was under arrest.

The man simply said “ok” and placed his planner on the counter. The man made no inquiry into why he was being arrested and told police he had bought another man’s ID and info, and was using it to get the Oxycodone. He said he is currently on probation but was very open about the fact that he makes money by selling painkillers, which he gets with forged prescriptions.

Officer searched the man and found $217 in his front pocket. They searched his planner and found IDs, credit cards and personal info for numerous individuals. When asked if he knew those people, the man said, “I don’t really know any of them, I just buy their IDs and use their info to get the pills.”

The man was arrested and booked for prescription forgery and multiple counts of ID theft and possession of another ID.

During the entire conversation, the man was very relaxed and repeatedly told police he purchases IDs and medical information to purchase pills. He said he can sell a 30 mg pill for $30 and “these guys pay straight cash, so it’s easy.”

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