Jul 30, 2014

What? Gas Prices Soar Overnight

They were supposed to come down, right? Feel free to vent right here.

What? Gas Prices Soar Overnight

Edmonds Patch reader Larry Maland nailed it today when he sent this email:

Gas price at my local Safeway went UP overnight. I thought gas prices were coming down and wonder if this is common in the area.

. It's happening .

I'm not sure why gas prices are going up locally, but they are. Yesterday, the 76 station on Edmonds Way in Westgate was $4.11 for unleader regular. Today, it's $4.25. When I put in a call to the station and asked why, I got the reply: "I couldn't tell ya."

Have the gas price gone up where you fill up, as well?

Could it be because a sunny weekend is ahead and lots of people will take advantage by hitting the roads?

If you know why gas prices are spiking in Puget Sound, let us know.

Or if you just want to vent (keep it PG rated!), sound off in our Comments section or take our poll.

In the meantime, you can go to the "Commute" tab on Edmonds Patch, where we have a list of the best gas prices in Edmonds and surrounding communties.

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