Jul 26, 2014

Artists' Studio Tour Continues Today at Enumclaw High School

The Enumclaw High School Hot Shop Studio led by instructor Randy Cook continues is open house today from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. with an opportunity to bring mom in for a glassblowing class.

While the main Enumclaw Artists' Studio Tours took place Saturday in which several local artists opened their work spaces up for the public to visit and watch them work, the Hot Shop Studio at Enumclaw High School continues its open house today, Mothers' Day.

This would be the second day visitors get a chance to see the talented students at work under the supervision of instructor Randy Cook and purchase some very affordable art and jewelry pieces for mom, dad or a loved one celebrating a graduation or birthday coming up.

We're talking pins, necklaces, earrings and several decorative pieces.

Don't have a Mother's Day gift yet but want to skip the traditional flowers? Consider signing up for a hands-on glassblowing experience with the students for just $60. You'll want to check about availability by calling Cook at 360-802-7736 and reserve a class.

Junior Kaitlyn Renaud explained the sales of the students' work and any additional funds they earn from the two-day open house goes toward the purchase of a new and larger glassblowing glory hole so the students can create larger pieces and expand their art portfolios. The goal is to increase their collaborative efforts with the local business community.

Seniors Dean Berquist and Eli Nelson led the demonstrations, withstanding 100+degrees inside the hot house though the compartment was in open air. Visitors could request a specific piece be made and watch as the students prepare the materials and colors for the actual glassblowing.

Saturday's open house at Enumclaw High School also featured artwork created by district students from the elementary school to high school levels. Several local artists also set up shop there including Sallie Zydek, daughter Alexandra Haley, Alice Adams, Pat Cinderich and Lauri Hillberg.

Sunday's open house runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Enumclaw High School.

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