23 Aug 2014
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Time for Lunch at Bistro Thyme!

Bistro Thyme, one of Enumclaw's newest restaurants, offers amazing lunch options at a great price.

Time for Lunch at Bistro Thyme! Time for Lunch at Bistro Thyme! Time for Lunch at Bistro Thyme! Time for Lunch at Bistro Thyme! Time for Lunch at Bistro Thyme! Time for Lunch at Bistro Thyme! Time for Lunch at Bistro Thyme!

I was out on an antiquing adventure when I happened upon a new restaurant on Cole Street: . Bistro Thyme is located inside the same building as so what could have been more perfect than food and treasures all in one trip.

What caught my eye first was the piano with the words, “Play me” on its top.  Just for a moment I thought I could just have this place all to myself if I started to foolishly plunk down some chords but that would have been totally selfish and uncalled for, even for me. I was immediately distracted from my semi-devised scheme with a welcome hello from a very handsome man who led me to my table. Indeed, this was a very good start to my lunch adventure.

While I perused the menu my carnivorous eyes immediately went to the burger section. I was pretty much salivating with the Farmer’s Burger which is a ½ pound of glorious ground beef topped with apple wood smoked bacon, a fried egg, provolone cheese and of course lettuce and tomato with an endless supply of their famous hand-cut garlic fries. Need I say this made me a wee bit giddy?

Of course then the little angel on my shoulder promptly brushed the devil aside and shoved an image of all the hard work I’ve done lately to get in shape.  Seriously, does she ever go on vacation? Needless to say, I kept viewing the menu and happened upon the Pittsburg Steak Salad. Sirloin steak AND salad…this was meant to be.

As I waited, I enjoyed the background music which was an eclectic mix of opera, modern jazz and classic hits—a nice combination for all diners. I think I may have been the only one to notice that music as my fellow lunch companions were totally and completely absorbed in their food. There seemed to be a lot of eye rolling, napkins soaking up juicy bits and sighs of contentment from every table around me. 

One diner, or actually her Philly Cheese Steak sandwich, intrigued me so much I couldn’t stop staring. How I did not manage to sit down next to her, make idle conversation and steal half of this juicy delight oozing with soft provolone cheese and grilled onions amazes me. Thoughts of the piano came to mind but thank goodness my soon to be actions were thwarted by the arrival of my…salad?

Holy foot-and-a-half plate batman! This was like no other salad I had ever seen. Mounds of steaming strips of sirloin on top of fresh cut fries with melted cheddar on top of glorious mixed greenery garnished with rings of red onion and tomatoes. Apparently someone did not read the description of the salad all the way through as this was an unimaginable delight for my eyes. I did keep thinking, however, fries on a salad?

The woman in front of me turned, perhaps amused at my bewilderment and asked me how it was and I told her I was slightly afraid of the fries. She promptly responded, “Honey, it’s a Pittsburg thing…they put fries on everything, even their sandwiches!” 

I quickly abandoned my fears and dove into this unique salad. I truly think the Fourth of July came early this year due to the tremendous flavor explosion on my taste buds. What an amazing combination of tender grilled sirloin, crispy cheddar melted fries and leafy lettuce. One of the things I could not help but notice was how crisp the lettuce remained even though covered with all this warm goodness. The Pittsburg Salad was a dream come true.

Thank goodness I ordered my dressing on the side (wink).

One recommendation I would have when ordering this salad would be to share with someone as it is absolutely the Hulk of the salad world. Did I mention it was only $10? My stomach and my pocketbook were quite pleased. The looks of shared contentment I exchanged with the other diners plus my meal topping out at only $12 amounted to one successful trip for me to this bistro.

Bistro Thyme is also open for dinner and I am already anticipating the lobster ravioli with a side of homemade mac & cheese and a Caesar salad with perhaps some crab cakes to start. I would invite my little angel but I believe she’s at the gym.

Bistro Thyme is located at 1501 Cole St. Enumclaw and can be reached at 360-825-4434.

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