21 Aug 2014
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'The Night Before Christmas - Gig Harbor Style'

Gig Harbor resident Joe Flach shares a poem he wrote in the spirit of the season.

'The Night Before Christmas - Gig Harbor Style'

'The Night Before Christmas - Gig Harbor Style'

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through Gig Harbor
Not a child was awake, not a son nor a daughter.
The old and the young in their houses everywhere,
Were curled up in their beds after saying their prayers.

Geoducks were nestled on the spit in their beds,
A seagull sat perched on top of the Fisherman’s head.
Boats in the slip had a battened down hatch,
On the harbor in the Sound, you can’t find with no map.

When a loud noise from outside awoke Daddies and Mommies,
Out by the highway where you can evacuate tsunamis.
Out of their beds they sprang to their feet,
Threw on a hooddie and ran out to the street.

The moon, seldom appearing through cloudy Washington skies, 
Was as bright as ever seen by these Gig Harboran eyes.
When, what to the hooded throng should they hear,
But a jingling of sleigh bells coming around Mount Rainier.

With a jolly old driver, all decked out in red,
“It must be Santa Claus”, is what one of them said.
More majestic than the eagle, which are often seen here,
Came the happy old elf who visits once every year!

"Up Fosdick! Down, Stinson! Across Harbowview!
From rooftop to rooftop that Santa sleigh flew!
Up Burnham! Down Peacock! Across Wollochet, too!
To Rosedale and Hunt and Skansie Avenue!"

And even to the boats where a few families do live,
Santa Claus snuck inside for presents to give.
So across the water top Santa and his sleigh did skim,
Nobody ever even knew that the reindeer could swim.

And then, in an instant, near the people in the park
Santa stopped for a moment to say “Hi” in the dark.
The people of Gig Harbor started gathering around,
Waiting to hear what he would say, without making a sound.

This was his last stop in the Continental US,
He saved Gig Harbor for last, because he likes it the best.
He said, “Sometimes good people get a little bit off track,
But the good people of Gig Harbor are quick to get back”.

His eyes-they were serious! His smile was real wide!
He said, “Take care of your neighbors who live on each side!
Charity, as you know, begins here at home,
Don’t leave the Christmas cheer giving up to me all alone”.

He held up two fingers in the sign of peace,
Everyone knew he was right, in their souls underneath.
There was a lot of hand shaking and sharing of hugs,
People started returning back home with their hearts full of love!

Into his sleigh he did jump, quite happy with himself,
He is a wise, dear old man, that jolly old elf!
With a wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
The folks of Gig Harbor soon knew they had nothing to dread.

His night was not over, he still had some more work,
So he started the sleigh once again, giving the reigns a slow jerk.
Quickly the reindeer and the sleigh started to rise,
As everyone watched him fly off with new hope in their eyes!

The people of Gig Harbor had a whistle in their heart,
And were ready for a peaceful Christmas Day to give start.
And they heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"

by Joe Flach 

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