23 Aug 2014
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Update: New Gun Rights Group Plans to Bear Arms in Downtown Kirkland

A Kirkland man has planned a 'Day of Resistance' rally Saturday, Feb. 23 in downtown Kirkland at Central Way and 3rd Street, encouraging participants to openly carry their legal firearms.

Update: New Gun Rights Group Plans to Bear Arms in Downtown Kirkland

Editor's note: A report on the rally can be found here.

Update from City of Kirkland, 5:10 p.m. Thursday:

The Kirkland Police Department is working cooperatively with the 2ndEnforcers group to ensure that there are minimal disruptions during the demonstration being held by the group on Saturday, Feb. 23.  According to the 2ndEnforcers’ website they “will be lawfully picketing, as per municipal code, against President Barack Obama’s 23 executive actions against your 2nd Amendment Constitutional right to bear arms.”

The event will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Central Avenue at 3rd Street.  As part of the event, some demonstrators may be displaying firearms in accordance with Washington's "Open Carry" law.  The Kirkland Police Department will continue to work cooperatively with the event organizers, demonstrators and the community during the event.  Demonstrators may be on the sidewalk and will strive not to obstruct the use of the sidewalk by others. 


Original story--

There will be guns on the streets of Kirkland this Saturday, as a newly formed gun rights group, 2nd Enforcers, takes to the corner of Central Way and 3rd Street to protest "23 executive actions against your 2nd amendment Constitutional right to bear arms" by Pres. Barack Obama.

The picketing rally was posted on the group's website by Jacob Kukuk, who describes himself on his Google+ account as a concealed carry and open carry advocate in Washington State who supports the personal protection of individuals.

The rally is planned for 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, and the organizers have encouraged participants to bring signs and their legal firearms, and to obey Kirkland laws during the peaceful protest. Among the rally calls the group advises the following on its website:

  • Dress appropriately, i.e. dress as you would for a business interview, as sometimes you have to disguise yourself as a Trojan horse to win a battle.
  • Present your message professionally, i.e. clean material.
  • Responsible carry only, Open carry Pistol/Rifle encouraged.
  • Be clean, pickup your trash, and don't stick signs into the ground.

The organization describes itself as a Washington State non-profit militia with a mission to protect the rights of the people at all costs. So far, Kukuk is listed as the only director on its board of directors.

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