23 Aug 2014
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Tech Expert to Talk at LW School District Cyber Safety Seminars

"Cyber Safety and Social Media Risks — What Every Family Needs to Know" will be presented at four schools, including Kirkland's Lake Washington and Juanita High Schools in January.

Tech Expert to Talk at LW School District Cyber Safety Seminars Tech Expert to Talk at LW School District Cyber Safety Seminars


Editor's Note: The following is a press release from the Lake Washington School District.


Redmond, Wash. – With the proliferation of smart phones and the growth of social media, everyone is connected, especially young people. Yet those same young people may not recognize the risks they face electronically, from predators to bullies to bad decisions that can haunt them for years. Parents can help their students understand these risks but may not know how to talk to them about it.

In a parent education program sponsored by the Lake Washington PTSA Council and Lake Washington School District, Seattle attorney Charles Leitch will help parents understand the risks and how to approach their children about these issues. These cyber-safety seminars will be held during January and February at district high schools.

Leitch will lead PTSA members in a guided conversation and presentation to help parents understand how to protect their children in what is an increasingly connected world through phones, mobile devices and online social media.  The seminar will help parents approach the use of technology with their children so they can help their children understand the risks of electronic activity. Leitch will also address the role of schools and the legal limits they currently face.

“Cyber-bullying and related risks in the use of social media and technology is an important topic among our Lake Washington families. We want to provide parents with the tools they need to better understand how to help children who engage in these connected spaces,” said Dr. Ken Lyon, Lake Washington School District harassment, intimidation and bullying compliance officer. “We are fortunate to have a dynamic presenter in Charles Leitch, whose expertise in this challenging area for families is invaluable,” he added.

Leitch will provide a compelling lecture and review of the subject followed by a 30-minute Q& A at the seminars. The cyber-bullying seminars will be offered 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. on four dates as listed below:

  • January 10 (Thursday),  Juanita High School Theater, 10601 NE 132nd St., Kirkland
  • January 14   (Monday), Redmond High School Cafeteria, 17272 NE 104th St., Redmond
  • January 23 (Wednesday), Lake Washington High School Theater,          12033 NE 80th St., Kirkland.
  • February 21 (Thursday), Eastlake High School Theater, 400 228th NE, Sammamish

For more information, please contact the Lake Washington School District PTSA office at 425-936-1215 or programs@lwptsa.net..


About Charles Leitch

Charles Leitch is a Founding Principal of Patterson Buchanan Fobes & Leitch, Inc., P.S.., a regional law firm with offices in Seattle and Portland. His active practice focuses on work with School Districts, Public Entities, and private employers. In addition to his practice, Mr. Leitch provides guidance, trainings and orientations on technology supervision, social networking, cyberbullying, and exploitation prevention nationally and internationally. These lively events routinely include specific presentation formats for teenagers and parents.

About Lake Washington

Lake Washington School District is a high-performing public school district serving Kirkland, Redmond, and Sammamish, Washington. It is the sixth largest district in the state of Washington, with over 25,000 students in 51 schools.

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