Jul 30, 2014

Letter: Thanks for Supporting Proposition #1

Former Mercer Island Mayor Jim Pearman writes in a letter to the editor to extend his gratitude to volunteers, city officials and the community as a whole for supporting the Fire Station/Truck levy.

Letter: Thanks for Supporting Proposition #1 Letter: Thanks for Supporting Proposition #1


On behalf of the Committee to pass Proposition #1 I would like to extend our sincere thanks for your support. 

I would also like to compliment the City for excellent staff work, and the City Council for not delaying any further and addressing our emergency response deficiency by way of putting the reconstruction of the Southend Fire Station up for a vote of the people. 

I would also like to thank a wonderful group of citizens who gave considerable time and energy to make the ballot measure a success: Patti Darling, Ida Ballasiotes, Andrew King, Bryan Cairns, Rich Irwin, Rand Ginn, Jason King, Dan Braman, Mayor Bruce Bassett, Councilmember Debbie Bertlin, and Councilmember Tana Senn. 

One other person who deserves a lot of credit is former Deputy Mayor El Jahnke who made the motion last year to apportion some of the savings from the Sewer Lake Line project to evaluate the existing Southend Station and, if warranted, start the initial design-work of a new Southend Station. 

Once again thanks to all for your service to our community.


Jim Pearman

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