Jul 28, 2014

Want a Recipe You Saw on TV? Don't Call 911

Redmond Police have offered up the strange and wacky calls received by local 911 dispatchers.

Want a Recipe You Saw on TV? Don't Call 911

Editor's Note: The following was written by Redmond Police Community Outreach Facilitator Jim Bove.

What should you NOT call 911 for? Hmmm, let us count the ways. These are legitimate calls we’ve received:

  • For a recipe seen on TV.
  • Calling from Seattle to check road conditions in Duvall.
  • Reporting an auto theft….while watching your car being impounded from a private apartment complex by a tow truck
  • General directions and/or phone number requests (this is 411)
  • Dead animals, not blocking the road (King County Animal Control “pick up” line, 206-296-7387)
  • Neighborhood parking problems (If a public roadway, yes, call us. But if on a private roadway, apartment complex, etc. then you need to contact your management/HOA)
  • Minorities being in Redmond. This is not a crime people. This is 2013, not 1913.
  • A neighbor left his cat outside overnight…or constant dog barking (King County Animal Control, they prefer three different complainants who are willing to make a written statement, although perhaps talking to your neighbor would be the most mature thing to try first.)
  • Neighbor leaves garbage cans out a day longer than they’re supposed to or putting the can in the street. (If this is really something that concerns you, you can call Code Enforcement Officer McCarthy 425-556-2412 if north of Redmond Way, or Code Enforcement Farris 425-556-2465 if south of Redmond Way)
  • Deer sightings close to wooded areas…or coyote sightings….or bear sightings….etc. If they aren’t harming anyone, then there is nothing we can do about them. We do live in the Pacific NW. (Dangerous wildlife hotline, 877-933-9847)
  • Motorcycle making noise in broad daylight a mile from your house and you don’t know where they are located
  • Report power outage and/or to ask us why the power is out and when will it come back on (PSE)
  • To find out what time it is
  • To find out if we just had an earthquake
  • A “GIANT RAT” in the house
  • People hogging tennis courts at a park
  • A snake in your yard
  • To check on a guy you’re being setup with on a date because he’s told you he’s in the witness protection program
  • My neighbor upstairs is walking around when I’m trying to sleep….their kids make too much noise…..their baby cries at night….someone is in my parking space….(contact. your. Management!)

When should you call 911? Click here.

Do you have any strange stories about people calling 911? Tell us in comments.

For more information:  www.redmond.gov/PublicSafety/Police/ops/communications/


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