Jul 26, 2014

Renton School District Considers Thirty-Acre Land Sale

The Renton School Board will consider bids at a May 22 meeting for twenty acres of undeveloped school district-owned land in South Renton near Tiffany Park and 10 acres in Newcastle.

Renton School District Considers Thirty-Acre Land Sale

Renton School Board members at their May 22 regular meeting will consider bids on two pieces of undeveloped property near Hazelwood and Tiffany Park elementary schools.

The bidding process began late last year as developers and others made initial bids on the properties. From that process, the top bidders for each property were selected to continue in the process. The School Board has been actively engaged throughout the process and will consider selling the properties at the May 22 meeting.

Once the School Board accepts a winning bid for each property, the district will work with a broker to finalize the sale. The cities of Renton and Newcastle will then work with the buyers on how the land is developed. Funds generated from the sale of the properties will be placed into the district’s capital projects fund designated specifically for school construction and renovation.

In November, the district held separate community meetings at schools near each property, as well as two more formal School Board Public Hearings to discuss with the community the plan to sell the properties.

The district has owned the two property for decades.

The property at the north end of the district, near Hazelwood Elementary School in Newcastle, measures about 10 acres. The property near Tiffany Park Elementary School measures about 20 acres. Both pieces of property are zoned for single-family residences. Both sites present challenging issues that preclude the district from building a school on the land, including location related to student growth, accessibility to major streets, traffic impacts and more.

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