Jul 28, 2014

The Latest Winners of Puyallup Fair Tickets Are ...

Be sure to sign up for the newsletter and tell us why your family should go--Thursday is the last day to enter.

The Latest Winners of Puyallup Fair Tickets Are ...

The Van Horns will be making the Puyallup Fair a true family event this year. They're the latest winners of our family four-pack of tickets, plus some Patch goodies.

KB Van Horn, who blogs on Renton Patch, offered to write about the family excursion in entering her family for the prize. (We swear, winners are chosen in a random drawing.)

Besides her husband and two children, Van Horn will be taking her in-laws to Puyallup as well. (The family collie and hamster don't plan on making the trip.)

And our latest winner of a pair of tickets is Courtney Buckingham. Thanks for signing up for our newsletter, Courtney, and welcome to Renton Patch!

For those of you who haven't entered, there's still time. by Thursday, Sept. 13, for a chance at one last pair of tickets; if you want a chance at a four-pack of tickets, be sure to sign up and then mention in the why your family should go.

The Puyallup Fair runs through Sept. 23.

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