23 Aug 2014
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SAMMI 2013 Honorees Announced

More than 40 local residents will be honored at this year's ceremony, scheduled for March 15.

SAMMI 2013 Honorees Announced

The SAMMI Awards Foundation announced on Wednesday the 2013 SAMMI Honorees.  All 2013 SAMMIs have been vetted by a Nomination Qualification Committee.  The following individuals have accepted their qualified nomination and will be recognized as 2013 SAMMIs and will be celebrated as well as the organizations they support, on Friday, March 15 at the Celebration of Community Service event. 

The following SAMMIs will be honored in the following categories:

Circle of Service: Lynn Banki, Cyn Baumert, Nicky Beedle, Jane Dulski, Susan Evans, Chris Gentes, Mahbubul Islam, Tom Kent-Dobias, Sandy Marshall, Daphne Robinson, Sally Rusk, Bruce Salmon, Dave Sanford, Harry Shedd, Mary Trask, Steve VanWambeck and Zoe Vierling-Coulter.

Community Spirit:  Sally Bastine, Sarah Bundy, Larry Crandall, Mayten (May) Gross & Karin House, David Hall, Nolen Holcomb, Jill Loveland, Bob Trask, Tom Wage and Marla Zylstra.

Courage: Pam Austin (Posthumous), Kira Hanson and Jenean Hatlelid.

Youth Spirit:  Adithti Addepalli, Lauren Christian, Tinuola Dada, Prabha Dublish, Kaylee Hansen, Teddy Hung, Arjun Kumar, Amanda Levenson, Kelsey Nyce, Jerome Siangco.

SAMMI Honorees attended a Meet & Greet Reception on Jan. 17, which provided an opportunity for all Honorees to meet the SAMMI Awards Foundation Board of Directors and volunteer Hosts/Hostesses who gathered additional information on each SAMMI’s volunteer service to assist the foundation in telling their stories of inspiration. 

The Board of Directors would like to thank the following volunteers who helped host the Meet & Greet Reception:  Leslie Adams, Becky Backstrom, Jeannine Baker, Kerry Brannen, Cheri Gorder, Lynne Handlos, Meaghan Jowdy, Lisa Kennedy, Kent T. Kiernan, Bernie Lucking, Donna Odendhal-Levin, Connie Olberg, Claire Petersky, Bryan Rawson, Dana Roberts, Loren Stayboldt, Bob Trask, Mary Trask, Dana Van Reeth, and Cindy VanWambeck. 

--Information from the SAMMI Awards Foundation

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