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Bicyclist Hit by Ford Van, Driver Cited

The following blotter items range from October 29, 2012 – November 3, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Lake Forest Park Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.

Bicyclist Hit by Ford Van, Driver Cited

On Tuesday, October 30th,  a cyclist was injured nearby the intersection of NE 178th Street and 44th Ave NE in Lake Forest Park.  The driver of a Ford van hit the female bicyclist.  The cyclist was found awake by an aid unit who confirmed that she had a cut above her eye and a chipped front tooth.  The cyclist was brought to the hospital and the driver of the Ford van was given a ticket.

November 29

TRAFFIC STOP:  A woman in the 17000 block of Bothell Way NE requested medical aid because she was complaining of chest pain and coughing.  Aid cleared the woman of any illness stating that her vitals were strong and she did not have any medical issues.  Police arrested the woman for driving with a suspended license, no vehicle insurance, expired plates over two months and no vehicle registration.

TRAFFIC CITATIONS: LFP officers gave more than one person a notice of infraction.  Each person had a complete disregard for a stop sign.  The addresses where the incidents happened are as follows: 

  • The 19700 block of 40th Pl NE
  • The 19700 block of 35th Ave NE (2 incidents)

Would citizens please let Patch know if they have had trouble seeing these stop signs also?

HAZARD:  A large tree (cottonwood: 20 inches wide by 60 feet) fell down in the 19200 block of Forest Park Drive NE close to 11 a.m.  The tree was blocking both directions of traffic.  Utilities crews responded by removing the downed tree from the roadway.   Shortly after, the road was open to standard traffic.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES:  A man described as light skinned black male in his 20’s was on the property at a home in the 4400 block of NE 187th Place.  The man said his car broke down and he was looking for an auto repair garage.  The property owner followed the man who walked to a car.  The man and the driver drove away.  The police believe that man and his accomplice were casing the house for a future burglary attempt.

SUSPICIOUS:  A man in the 16500 block of Bothell Way NE found a suspect (white male, 20’s, 5 foot 10 inches tall, 150-160 pounds, shaggy brown black hair) in his sister’s car.  The suspect left on foot by racing through a yard between houses.

October 30

DISTURBANCE:  A dad in the 17000 block of 37th Ave NE called the police about his son.  In this case there were no weapons, no alcohol and no other drugs involved.  The son has been yelling out since the night before.  The mom also lives in the residence.  The dad wanted his son to get checked out by a medical aid unit.  An ambulance arrived within 40 minutes.

CIVIL:  An incident happened in the 18200 block of 30th Ave NE.  Person A (victim) is the owner of the property.  Person B is the suspect who is moving out of the home.  B was being verbal with A and making threats.  Both parties were arguing over a washing machine. Person B owns the washing machine.  Person A accused B of taking A’s belongings.

MOTOR VEHICLE PROWL:  Three cars were left unlocked in the 18800 block of 53rd Ave NE.  The suspect(s) took only change from the car; they left the GPS unit alone.  The victims did not request any reports to be taken by police.

BURGLARY:  A man in the 3300 block of NE 163rd Street had been gone from his home since 7 a.m.  When he came back almost 12 hours later, he discovered that his house had been broken into.

October 31

VEHICLE PROWL:  A person in the 18800 block of 33rd Ave reported that a camera was stolen from his/her Cadillac Escalade. 

CIVIL:  A woman requested a civil standby while she went to take back her belongings from her ex-boyfriend’s home.  There were no orders in regards to this civil matter.  The woman was escorted by police to retrieve her personal items from the ex-boyfriend’s home.  The man was asked to delete assorted pictures of the female from his home computer.  Both parties hugged at separation.

BURGLARY:  A woman in the 16200 block of 37th Ave NE had her home broken into. There was not a clear statement from the report as to what items were taken from the home.

November 1

MINOR IN POSSESSION:  A young woman born in 1997 was taken into custody for MIP and possession of marijuana.

FRAUD:   A man came into the police station, 14800 block of Bothell Way NE and shared information with police.  He said that American Express Corporation notified him about charges made in California from Aug. 31st through September 1st.  The charges were made at two Motels and a Hertz Rental Car in Burbank.  LFP police provided a case number for the man and took copies of documents the man provided.

THEFT:  A man in the 17700 block of Beach Dr NE reported that a “well used” cement mixer on wheels was taken from the front of his residence.  This happened sometime between 5 p.m. the previous night through the next morning at 6:30am.

ATTEMPTED BURGLARY:  A woman in the 3000 block of N.E. 182nd Street shared information about certain physical changes to her home.  However, the police told her that the circumstances they saw were not suspicious.

November 2

TRAFFIC STOP LEADS TO ARREST:  A person was stopped by police nearby the intersection of NE 178th Street and 35th Ave NE.  The person was arrested for reckless driving and no car insurance.  The person was released at the scene pending an assigned court date.

MORE THAN ONE BURGLARY:  Suspect(s) broke into a home and stole items from a private residence in the 

  • 16000 block of 37th Ave NE
  • 16200 block of 37th Ave NE

November 3

UNWANTED PERSONS:  A person was having a party in the 3800 block of NE 155th Place.  The party was getting out of hand and people were being asked to leave.  Those asked to vacate the premise did not do so therefore the owner of the property called police for assistance.  Four drunken people left in two vehicles and six people were welcome to stay.  This call came into 911 dispatch about 3:35 a.m.


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