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Drunk Teens in Jeep Cherokee Crash Into Rock Wall, Flee Scene

The following blotter items range from October 15, 2012 – October 21, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Lake Forest Park Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.

Drunk Teens in Jeep Cherokee Crash Into Rock Wall, Flee Scene

On October 19th, a vehicle was traveling eastbound on N.E. 156th St. when it veered from the road and struck a rock wall in the 3400 block of N.E. 156th St. The homeowner who was awake reading heard the crash and looked outside to see the vehicle leaving. The homeowner recovered the license plate of the vehicle at the location where the rockery was damaged. Later the vehicle, a Jeep Cherokee, and two individuals were located in the 15600 block of 36th Ave. N.E. The Jeep had extensive front end damage and dual airbag deployment. The mother of the driver of the Jeep responded to the scene and was informed of the situation. The two individuals involved in the crash, both 19 years old, were later cited of minor in possession of alcohol.

October 15

REAR-END ACCIDENT: A driver of a Toyota Corolla rear-ended a stopped Ford Focus in the 15000 block of Bothell Way N.E. after she looked away for a moment while driving southbound. The accident was reported after 7 a.m. The Corolla was not drive-able and had significant front end damage to the bumper, grill, hood and both fenders. The Focus was drivable but had damage to the rear bumper.

REAR-END ACCIDENT: The driver of a U-Haul rear ended a car stopped at a red light in the northbound lanes of Bothell Way N.E. in the 16500 block about 1:55 p.m.  The driver of the car that was rear-ended moved forward to allow more stopping distance but the U-Haul still collided into her back bumper. The driver of the U-Haul claimed it had a brake problem but skid marks and the witness strongly indicated that brake failure was not an issue. A notice of infraction was issued by an officer to the U-Haul driver for following too close.

ACCIDENT CAUSED BY UNSAFE LANE CHANGE: A driver was headed northbound on Bothell Way N.E. and was approaching the vehicle in front  at N.E. 165th St. When the traffic signal turned yellow, the vehicle in front stopped and the driver behind made a sudden lane change to avoid a collision with the vehicle in front but struck a car next to it in lane three and as well as the car in front. A notice of infraction for an unsafe lane change was issued to the driver who caused the collision.

VEHICLE PROWL: Someone shattered a window of a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee in the 18500 block of 37th Ave. N.E. during the day and took a baseball bag and equipment.

October 17

NOISE DISTURBANCE: A neighbor of the Lake Forest Grill in the 17500 block of Ballinger Way N.E., reported loud noise was playing for the last hour. Police noticed music was coming from the restaurant's external speakers on the back patio. An employee of the restaurant was contacted and asked to turn off the speakers and complied saying they should have been turned off.

HOUSE ARREST: Someone in the 18800 block of 33rd Ave. N.E. called police because her brother-in-law who just got out of jail was in the house and high on marijuana, acting strange, yelling and slamming doors in his room. Since he was on house arrest she didn't think he should be getting high.

ANOTHER COLLISION ON BOTHELL WAY: The driver of vehicle two said she was stopping when the driver of vehicle one collided with her from behind causing her to collide with vehicle three in front of her in the 15000 block of Bothell Way N.E. Evidence indicated that vehicle two may have collided with vehicle three prior to be being hit but the driver of vehicle three said she only felt one bump from behind. Both drivers of vehicle one and two were cited for following too close. 

October 19

BURGLARY: A burglary was reported in the 19400 block of 49th Place N.E.

October 21

COYOTE: Citizens flagged down an officer to advise him that there was a mangy-looking coyote walking down 37th Ave. near Brookside Elementary. It wasn't aggressive but the citizens flagged down a car and got a ride around it. Police advised the citizens that there wasn't much if anything that the police could do as it is natural wildlife in the area and it was not aggressive to them. They were disappointed as they felt that kind of animal was not appropriate for an urban environment.

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