Jul 28, 2014

Hit and Run: Drunken Driver Walks Away After Hitting Vehicle

The following blotter items range from October 24, 2012 – October 29, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Shoreline Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.

Hit and Run: Drunken Driver Walks Away After Hitting Vehicle


On Sunday, October 28th, at roughly a few minutes after midnight, 911 dispatchers received a phone call about a hit and run driver nearby North Innis Arden Way.  The drunk driver fled on foot after hitting a car.  The victim’s car was still in the middle of the roadway when the drunk driver vanished.

October 24

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY:  There was a burglary at Shoreline Free Methodist Church, 510 NE 175th Street. Similar to a previous break-in at another Shoreline church, the culprit(s) used a pry tool to force open a north side door.  The police discovered that cabinets were searched and nuts and soda were consumed.  

CRIMINAL WARRANT, MISDEMEANOR:  A person was speeding nearby the intersection of North 178th and Dayton when he/she was pulled over by police.  Upon further investigation, the officer found the fast driver to have a third offense of driving while license revoked and an additional three outstanding misdemeanor warrants.  The speedster was booked for the aforementioned offenses.

October 25

LARCENY at SHOREWOOD HIGH SCHOOL:  Yet another Ipad was stolen.  This time the premise was the school library.

October 27

PHYSICAL CONTROL:  A man was found completely passed out behind the wheel of his motor vehicle at an Arco gas station, 1554 NE 145th Street.  The police discovered this person while the car engine was still running and the headlights were on.  The police officer believes it was an alcohol induced sleep.

STALKING HARASSMENT:  Someone entered the garage of a triplex in the 15500 block of 27th Ave NE.  This person damaged cable and/or Internet lines.

DRUNK:  Several people were involved in an incident at Darrell’s Tavern, 18041 Aurora Ave North.  Police reports state that extremely intoxicated persons made many drunken accusations that were unfounded.  There was a sum of calls to 911 about this group of disorderly individuals who left the scene before the officer’s arrival.

October 28

DUI:  A drunken woman was stopped by police in the 15100 block of Aurora Ave North.  The woman was stopped for speeding because she was driving 66 M.P.H. in a 40 M.P.H. zone.  She was arrested for driving under the influence after blowing a .101 (blood alcohol level). 

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY at ST. MARK’S CHURCH:  Someone entered the locked building at 18023 – 15th Place NE and forced open a door to a conference room and reception office.  It is unclear from reading the report what exactly what was taken.  However, we do know that the culprit went through some papers.

VANDALISM at RIDGECREST APARTMENTS:  A victim in the 400 block of NE 165th street had their car tires slashed for a second time. 

VANDALISM:  A mother in the 15500 block of Densmore Ave North owns a 2005 Toyota Corolla.  Her son borrowed the car to go to work.  He came home from work at a local fast food restaurant at close to 3:00a.m.  He parked the car on the shoulder of the road.  Later on that afternoon, the son discovered that someone had slashed the front tires of his mom’s car.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES at KELLOGG MIDDLE SCHOOL:  The old Kellogg Middle School stands in the 1500 block of NE 200th Street.  A person called police after observing two or three males associated with a Black Isuzu and silver/brownish Volvo.   The culprits were seen gathering large quantities of wire from the building at approximately 3:00pm.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES at ECHO COVE CONDOS:  A man in the 19400 block of Aurora Ave North is convinced that his landline telephone was tapped.  The man is concerned for his safety after some dissention amongst the condominium board association in regards to a pending lawsuit.

MENTAL COMPLAINTS:  A man who lives in the 900 block of N 198th Street was involuntarily admitted to Harborview Hospital because he was delusional.

FOURTH DEGREE ASSAULT:  A suspect in the 2400 block of NE 178th Street threw kitchen items at a victim causing a window to break and the victim to be in pain.  The suspect also hit the victim.

October 29

CRIMINAL FELONY WARRANT:  A person was apprehended in the 14800 block of Aurora Ave North at The Rodeway Inn.  The person was wanted for a Department of Corrections escape warrant.

DISTURBANCE:  A fight happened at the Tyee Apartments in the 17200 block of Aurora Ave North.  Person A and Person B are friends.  Person B’s son stays with Person A so that B’s son can continue to go to school in Shoreline. B currently lives in Everett.  Close to 8:20a.m. B came by to pick up his son and take him to school when B was punched in the jaw by A.

LARCENY:  A man in the 20100 block of Forest Park Drive left his work tools inside his Ford Explorer in plain view.  He parked his vehicle on the shoulder of the road across from his apartment.   He helped the thieves by leaving his car door unlocked.  The culprit(s) helped themselves to the man’s work tools.

CUSTODIAL INTERFERENCE:  A man (dad) and woman (mom) are parents to a son.  The woman and the son live in Idaho.  The man who lives in the 20000 block of 8th Ave NW told the mother that he would going to keep the child until the mother was in compliance with the parenting plan.  The mom told the officer that there is a parenting plan in place but she did not have a copy of the papers with her.

WELFARE STATUS:  An elderly woman with dementia in the 1200 block of NE 152nd Street was found half naked on a couch and unable to move.  Medics took her to NW Hospital. 

RESIDENTAL BURGLARY:  A victim lives in the 18000 block of 7th Ave NE.  The victim was out of town when suspect(s) kicked in the dog door.  The report does not specify what was taken from the private residence.

THREATS BY PHONE:  A person in the 16300 block of Interlake Ave North has been receiving threats via his/her cell phone.

FOURTH DEGREE ASSAULT:  A man in the 19200 block of Aurora Ave North punched and kicked his live in girlfriend.

MENTAL COMPLAINTS:  The Shoreline police department received multiple phone calls via 911 from the Bartell Drug store at 18420 Aurora Ave North.  The calls were in regards to a transient person (the subject) carrying a rucksack and a yellow bedroll.  The subject was described as schizophrenic.  The calls to police were requests for a welfare check on the subject and/or requests to have the subject trespassed from the store.  

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