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LFP Police Blotter: Golf Clubs Used to Break Car Window to See if Driver OK

The following blotter items range from June 11, 2012 – June 17, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Lake Forest Park Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.

LFP Police Blotter: Golf Clubs Used to Break Car Window to See if Driver OK


DISTURBANCE AT WOODLAND NORTH APARTMENTS:  A man in the 3600 block of NE 155th Street called 911.  The 911 dispatcher could hear two men and one woman on an open 911 line.  The man said another man hit him in the ear.  The man declined to press charges against the other man.  The man and the woman left with their belongings.

NEIGHBORS AT ODDS:  A female in the 3700 block of NE 151st Street told police that she was having trouble with her neighbors, a married couple.  The woman said that she and the neighbors do not agree on property lines.  The neighbor recently put up police tape and a no trespassing sign at the area of disagreement.  The woman said she is ready to sell her house and needs this situation resolved.  The police informed her she would need to get an official document showing the property lines before the police would be able to address the situation.  The woman said she would do this and in the meantime, wanted the police to know that her neighbors make her nervous.

TWO CASES OF FRAUD:  First case:  A man in the 19100 block of Ballinger Way NE found fraudulent charges on his banking account from a website.  Second case:  A person in the 17000 block of 35th Ave NE reported a case of fraud.  All specific information about this case was blocked out by the LFP Police Department.  No further information was provided.

THEFT:  A man in the 16500 block of 34th Ave NE reported that he left his car unlocked and someone stole a few items from the car to include coins.

THEFT AT SALLY’S BEAUTY SUPPLY:  A regular customer stole shampoo and conditioner from the store at 17171 Bothell Way NE.  The woman is described as white, with a ponytail wearing a white shirt.  When police caught up to her, she denied stealing the items. The policy at Sally’s is press charges for all items over $250.  This was not the case so Sally’s chose to trespass the customer.


CARS HIT AT SHERIDAN BEACH TERRACE APARTMENTS:  Two cars were hit in the parking lot at 15530 Bothell Way NE.  The first car was hit Friday or Saturday.  The second car was hit 6/12/12. 

MAGAZINE PEDDLERS REPORTED BY LFP COUNCIL MEMBER:  A man said two subjects (both male) wearing dark clothes with tan complexions were selling magazines.  Police found the two without permits selling for a company called Trinity.  They were given verbal warnings and advised to get a permit.

BURGLARY:  A burglary happened in the 20000 block of 33rd Ave NE.  All information about this event was blocked out in the report by the LFP Police Department.

BURGLARY:  A woman in the 16900 block of 33rd Ave NE reported that a suspect forced his/her way into her home via a rear door.  Stolen was a Wii game and other items.

 JUNE 13

ORDINANCE VIOLATION:  A dog walker was given a bag to pick up after a dog that pooped.  The police wish to remind all citizens that they are required to clean up after their animals after the animal does their “business.”

HEROIN USER KIT FOUND:  A woman called from NE 53rd Street and 37th Ave NE.  She believed she found a bag of someone’s medical belongings.  The police concluded the items recovered were heroin needles.  The sharps were disposed of safely.  Items that were not a hazard were dumped in the trash.

DISTURBANCE:  A woman in the 18900 block of Forest Drive NE reported a nearby band was making a great deal of noise.  The police advised the band members that they would be cited in the future.  The police came to an agreement with the band and the neighbor disturbed by the noise.  If the band stopped playing by 5 p.m., the woman will not call 911 unless the noise was excessive.

BURGLARY:  A man in the 16200 block of 37th Ave NE called police to report that someone broke in and stole from his home while he was away for a few hours.


DISTURBANCE:  A person in the 18900 block of Forest Park Dr. N.E. said they could hear 4-5 people yelling outside.  The person believes the group had been drinking.  The police spoke to the noisemakers and told them that there were too many noise complaints involving them.  The police gave a final warning due to numerous past noise violations.  The police educated them on an abatement process.

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT:  A car went down an enbankment nearby the address of 19307 Ballinger Way NE.  Car driver “A” was driving north on SR104 when his vehicle veered into the southbound lanes and struck a car driven by Driver “B.”  Driver “A” continued across the west shoulder and down a 5-foot embankment, coming to the rest in the ditch.  Good Samaritans used a golf club to break the rear drivers side window to check on welfare of Driver “A.”  An aid car and police responded.  Driver “A” was backboarded out of the car.  He was conscious and talking but could not answer simple questions.  Driver “A’s” vehicle was impounded to Shannon Towing.

HARASSMENT BY EX-BOYFRIEND OR AN ON-LINE PHONE SERVICE?:  A woman in the 17000 block of Bothell Way NE reported that someone was disguising their voice and calling her on her cell phone.  She believed it could be her ex-boyfriend.  The police thought it might be a bank of on-line numbers calling her.  Police advised her to shut off her cell phone for a time.


GRAFFITTI:  Reported in the 3900 block of NE 158th Lane.  A fence was tagged overnight.

THEFT:  A woman in the 3600 block of NE 155th Street said that she had a man visiting her.  She had bought some clothes for him and told him not to remove anything from the apartment.  She returned to find items gone from her home.  The police contacted the man and told him to return the items or theft charges may be pursued.


BURGLARY:  A woman in the 18500 block of 53rd Ave NE says she came home to find someone had broken into a basement window.  It is unclear what was stolen.

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