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LFP Police Blotter: Inattentive Orange Peeling Driver

The following blotter items range from May 7, 2012 - May 13, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Lake Forest Park Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.

LFP Police Blotter: Inattentive Orange Peeling Driver

May 7

GRAFFITI: Someone painted graffiti on street signs in black spray paint in the 3600 block of N.E. 165th St., 3500 block of N.E. 182nd St. and 164th St. N.E. and 36th Ave. N.E.

ANARCHIST SIGN: Someone painted an anarchist symbol in black paint on a street sign at the intersection of N.E. 178th St. and 47th Ave N.E.

HARASSMENT: A woman with an anti-harassment order against a man said the man followed her in his car as she drove from a bank in Kenmore and gave her the middle finger.  He said he pulled into a McDonald’s to get away from her.  LFP Police said they would give the statement to Kenmore Police because the incident began in Kenmore.

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT: An accident between two cars happened in the 17000 block of Bothell Way NE.  Vehicle Two (V2) was northbound on SR 522 approaching a traffic light at NE 170th Street.  Driver Two (D2) stated the light turned yellow and she braked to a stop in the first lane.  V2 was struck from behind by Vehicle One (V1).  Driver One (D1) stated that he was behind V2 when V2 stopped at a green light.  Upon D1 hearing what D2 reported, D1 agreed, “That’s what happened.”  D1 suffered from a four-inch burn mark on the underside of his left arm.  D1 declined aid two times.  D2 complained of back pain and declined aid three times.  A notice of infraction was issued to D1 because he rear-ended D2/V2.

NOISE DISTURBANCE: Band members in the 18900 block of Forest Park Dr NE left some doors and windows open infrequently and that’s why the neighbors reported a noise complaint to the police.  LFP Police went to speak to the band members and the reporting persons.  The police told the neighbors to keep calling 911 if the loud noise happened again.

May 8

BURGLARY: Someone in the 19200 block of Forest Park Dr. reported a burglary.  No other information given.

INATTENTIVE ORANGE PEELING DRIVER:  A woman driver was drifting in and out of lanes because she was busy peeling an orange from her home to work.  The police pulled her over in the 15500 block of Bothell Way NE when they found evidence of the orange peels in her lap.  LFP Police highly advised her to pay full attention her driving and watch the road.  There was no evidence of intoxication.

May 9

HARASSING TEXT MESSAGES:  A man in the 2600 block of NE 195th Street reported that his ex-wife sent him harassing text messages regarding material items and more that she wants from the divorce.  The man said the divorce was final and everything was divided but the ex-wife keeps harassing him.  Police advised him to get an order and set up a parenting plan for visits with the kids.

GRAFFITTI:  Someone wrote “M.D.P.” on a street sign nearby the intersection of NE 147th Street and 37th Ave NE.

ROAD RAGE:  A person reported that a reckless driver in a White Ford Expedition tried to run them off the road.  This incident happened closest to 17171 Bothell Way NE.

MORE NOISE FROM THE SAME BAND:  Incident two happened in the 18900 block of Forest Park Dr NE when the band was practicing with their bass.  Due to this second violation, the police wrote up a case against the band and sent the document to the prosecutor.  The band members said they understood.

NOT A CAR-JACKING BUT STRANGE:  A driver in the 18200 block of 40th Ave NE reported that a female person ran into the middle of the street as the driver was driving. The driver told police that woman appeared to be on drugs when the woman grabbed the driver's door handle as the driver drove slowly. 

May 10

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF:  A man (the ex-husband) and his girlfriend sprayed paint on a garage door in the 3400 block of NE 166th Place.  They sprayed huge, red letters with the initials “R.X.P.”  The person who reported this incident to the police was the father of the homeowner, his daughter.  The man’s daughter (the ex-wife) and the ex-husband have orders against each other.  The father has been staying with his daughter during this difficult chapter.

UNPLEASANT HOME OWNER:  Seattle City Light and sub-contractors requested help from LFP Police when they went to provide service to a home in the 18400 block of Ballinger Way NE.  The unpleasant homeowner is very strict about who enters his property and was very unhappy when the police showed up.

THEFT:  Someone stole a laptop from the 16300 block of 34th Ave NE.

DRUNK DRIVER:  A black BMW was driving through many homeowner's yards.  The incident started in the 17400 block of 44th Ave NE.  More than three homeowners reported the apparent drunk driver to police before the car ended up in the creek after going down an embankment on 178th Street.  The injured female driver was bleeding from the nose when an ambulance came to the scene.

May 11

THEFT:  A person in the 16500 block of 37th Ave NE reported that a caretaker took some jewelry.

BURGLARY:  Things were taken from the 19000 block of Forest Park Drive and the 2900 block of NE 178th Street.  The owners were not sure what was missing.  No further information given.

DUI AT BALATON CONDOS:  A man in the 19200 block of Forest Park Drive NE reported seeing his female neighbor stumble into her black BMW.  In last week’s LFP blotter, the same woman hit a parking pole at the Balaton Condos and the man was told to keep an eye out for his drunken neighbor.  The man said the woman hit his vehicle twice already.

May 12

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES:  A homeowner in the 18400 block of 40th Pl NE told police they believe an unwanted person was in their house earlier in the day.

CASING THE NEIGHBORHOOD:  An LFP Council Member in the 15800 block of 35th Ave NE called police to say that a reckless driver was driving up and down the street many times as if to case the neighborhood before a robbery.  The suspicious car was gone upon police arrival.

May 13

GRAFFITTI:  More black spray paint in the 19600 block of 47th Ave NE.

CITIZEN ISSUES:  A person in the 17400 block of Ballinger Way NE wanted advice about a renter and the renter’s friends.  The person showed police evidence of the renter and friends breaking into his garage.  The police advised him to start the eviction process and report the renter and friends for attempted burglary.

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