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Person Jumps In Front of Moving Vehicles

The following blotter items range from November 14, 2012 – November 15, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Shoreline Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.

Person Jumps In Front of Moving Vehicles


On Thursday, November 15th, at close to 10:00pm, a mentally ill person starting jumping in front of cars as the cars moved in traffic.  This incident happened in the 20200 block of Ballinger Way.  The person was involuntarily admitted to a hospital for treatment. 

November 14

VANDALISM at HAMLIN PARK:  A suspect used markers and paint pens to tag a city park (16006 – 15th Ave NE) with words like “TREATS BRB, WHITE PRIDE, SOS AND AEONS.” 

LARCENY:  A woman dropped off her child at  “A Place for Kids Childcare” at 919 NE 185th Street close to 9:30am.  She left her car unlocked and unattended for only a few minutes.  When she returned to car, she found that prowlers had taken her cell phone and wallet.

OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER:  A man was arrested for not having a valid operator’s license, no valid identification and obstructing a public servant in the 18400 block of Meridian Ave.

BURGLARY, NON-FORCED ENTRY:  An unknown person found a way into The Blakely Apartments and stole narcotics.  The suspect used either a master key or lock picks to get inside the apartment complex.  This incident happened in the 1100 block of N 192nd Street.

FAMILY DISTURBANCE:  A woman resides with a man whom she is engaged to in the 18900 block of 8th Ave NW.  The two people are expecting a baby.  The woman has become more and more worried about the man because she believes he is bi-polar.  There was an altercation between the couple and the man is believed to be suicidal.

BURGLARY, FORCED ENTRY:  A vacant home in the 15000 block of NE Perkins Way was broken into by a suspect with a pry bar per an incident report filed at roughly 3:40pm.

DUI, ACCIDENT:  A suspect blew a .159 and .162 in the 20000 block of 15th Ave NE.

THREATS:  There were threats made to Judge Smith via writing on a bathroom stall at Paramount School Park at 15300 – 8th Ave NE.  Someone used a black marker to write the threats in the men’s room.  The image was photographed for evidence and removed.  The information was passed onto to the judge as an advisory.

November 15

MISDEMEANOR, CRIMINAL WARRANT: An officer contacted a man for jaywalking across Aurora Avenue North.  The man fled the scene and the officer found out that the man was wanted for an outstanding warrant.  The suspect was booked into Snohomish County Jail.

HIT & RUN:  A woman suffered no injuries when she and her car were struck by a white colored Honda.  The offending driver and vehicle fled the scene.  This happened in the 19200 block of Aurora Avenue North.

FRAUD:  A suspect found a debit card that was issued by Community First Credit Union and made six unauthorized charges for almost $550 in stores throughout Shoreline.  The incident report was taken from the 19800 block of Wallingford Avenue.

DRUNKENNESS:  A man who was previously trespassed at The Days Inn Motel was sent to detoxify because he was very drunk and violated the trespassing order.  The man was so drunk that he was unable to care for himself.  The incident reported nearby the intersection of N 200 Street and Aurora Ave North.

LOST PROPERTY:  A woman believed she lost her debit MasterCard at Safeway on 153rd and Aurora Avenue.  Her last memory was using the card at the Safeway.  Later, it was found that the card was used at a pawnshop in Shoreline.  No further information was given about this case.

BURGLARY, FORCED ENTRY:  A culprit used a pry tool to force open a front door in the 14500 block of 2nd Ave NE.  Once inside the culprit stole cash, jewelry, purses and digital cameras.  The incident report created by an officer at close to 8:10pm on Thursday, Nov 15th.

DUI:  There was a disturbance reported at The Hideaway Card Room parking lot in the 14500 block of Aurora Avenue North.  The suspect drove away intoxicated with a suspended license and was booked into Snohomish County Jail.

MENTAL COMPLAINTS:  A man (the victim) who suffers from alcoholism and has terminal liver cancer told a friend that he wanted to die.  The report was taken in the 17500 block of Linden Ave North.




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