Jul 30, 2014
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UPDATE: Frog n Kiwi Cafe Play Area Now Open

Owner Marc Grau tells Patch that the "UPlay Town Center" opened today.

UPDATE: Frog n Kiwi Cafe Play Area Now Open UPDATE: Frog n Kiwi Cafe Play Area Now Open

UPDATE: 1:56 p.m., 6/20/12

Good news everyone.

Just got a call from Frog n Kiwi Cafe owner Marc Grau, who confirmed that the UPlay Town Center area for kids opened today.

He was able to wrap up the finishing touches last night and this morning.

We'll take a visit later this week, but if you can take a picture with your cell phone or camera and upload it to this story, that would be great.


Marc Grau, owner of the new in University Place Town Center, says one of the toughest aspects of his first few weeks in business has been turning anxious kids away from his pay-for-play area.

The UPlay Town Center - a sound-proof area with a 20-foot-wide, 6- to 7-foot-tall play structure where kids can play for $7 for three hours - has been under construction since the cafe opened in late May.

Grau, who owns the shop with wife Kelly, says he won't have to turn away kids who want to test the new play area much longer.

He said he expects UPlay Town Center to open "within the next few days." The exact dates depend on how fast he can apply the area's finishing touches.

Although its cafe has drawn visitors, the play area is what has kept many families in University Place excited since the Graus made their plans known last year.

Check back for updates on when the UPlay Town Center will open.

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