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Meet Carl Mollnow, Candidate For University Place City Council

He is running for Position 6 against Ken Campbell and Chris Nye.

Meet Carl Mollnow, Candidate For University Place City Council

Carl James Mollnow 

Where do you work and what is your job title?

Semi-Retired; U.S.A.F. (1956/7 – 1979)  Enlisted: Aircraft Mechanic/Lackland AFB Aero Club Maintenance Officer.

Officer: Strategic Air Command “Select”(re: “Top Gun”) B-47 Combat Crew Pilot

Military Airlift Command: Command Pilot/Instructor Pilot, Simulator Instructor, Nuclear Safety & Weapons & Dangerous Cargo Instructor/Pilot/Wing Director  & Flight Safety Officer, Command Post Shift Commander, Ground Instructor, etc.

Civilian: Aviation Consultant, Wash. State Emissions Repair Specialist--Sexton (Maintenance Director):  St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church  


When and Where Were You Born?

 1937, North Tonawanda, NY (Residence at birth: Niagara Falls, NY)


Where do you live now and how long have you lived there?

University Place, 1965


Spouse or domestic partner if any:

Wife, Virginia C.


Children: Three boys of U.P. schools: Carl J. II, Mark A., and Corey B. 


Education (include graduation date(s), if any):

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School - 1951

Tonawanda High School  -  1955

USAF Enlisted Basic  & Aviation Mech. – 1956/7

USAF Pilot Training – 1959 -61 – 17MAR61

USAF Strategic Air Command B-47/Combat Crew /Nuclear Weapons Schools – 1961

USAF Winter Survival , POW & Escape & Evasion Schools  -  1961

3.5 years college credit various courses & college equivalency tests - - 1961-1974 

USAF - Advanced Instructor Pilot School, Advanced Transportation Instructor of Nuclear

Weapons & Dangerous Cargo School, Water/Ocean Survival School, Jungle/Snake Survival School


Military Service (include year(s) of discharge, if any):

USAF :  1956-1979

Select (ie: “Top Gun”) Strategic Air Command Bomber Pilot - 1961-65

Military Airlift Command C-124 Pilot – half of 1966

Military Airlift Command C-141 Instructor Pilot, Simulator/Ground/Nuclear    

Weapons Instructor (& Worldwide Transportation of Dangerous Cargo) and Wing Command Nuclear Weapons Training & Transportation Officer, Wing Command Post In-Charge Duty Officer & many other active Training and Command in-Charge Positions.  


Memberships and affiliations with clubs and other organizations:

Pierce County Republican Party – 18 years plus three terms as sergeant-at-arms, assistant treasurer.

28th Dist. Republican Club - Vice. Pres. (X2) –Newsletter Editor – many other Positions

Corvette Marque Club of Seattle - Vice. Pres. (X2)- Meetings Chair –Seattle Int. Raceway, Parking & Operations Chair, and many other.

U.P. Citizens For Incorporation - Law & Safety Chair – Asst. to Treasurer Chair.

Printer of Fliers & – Printer & Scanner Repair Chief

U.P. Community ? Law & Justice Chair.

“Wounded Eagles” – National – “Eradicate the Feres Doctrine”

AND: Too many others to mention.


Have you or a business you owned (or had principal interest in) ever filed?



As an adult, have you been convicted or charged with a crime other than a minor traffic violation?



If so, please explain and include dates and locations.

1. Charged with Mal. Misc.  – Not Guilty .  Two P.C. Sheriffs Dep. came to the house four my No. 2 son accused of driving a go-cart on street. Officers were taking son to jail & wanted to talk to me. I was relaxing in my bathtub. No. 3 son called me to the door, of which I had no knowledge. Officer Wagenblast ordered me outside, even though I had only a towel on. “I refused.”

Officer W. pulled his gun and entered my house throwing me against the wall. I went to the bedroom, put on shorts & t-shirt and went outside. While talking to O. W., Officer Zinter clubbed me in the back of the head three times (first two were med. Hits). I went down hard on my face – they picked me up by my hair (I weighed a muscular 225) , slammed my head into police car drip rail breaking three teeth, threw me into back seat on my face, and then Zinter kicked me in the back of the head five times with the heel of his new shoes (his words) and so on……  happy to go on with info to anyone.

2. Ten other incidents with police assaulting me for repairing my water pipe, fixing my fence, standing with comments at the March 2008 meeting at City Hall (where “TNT” reported over 400 attendee’s (or so)), when Police Chief Jim Andrews grabbed me and said  “..you’re under arrest…” twice.  The second time he added in a whisper (about the “water pipe break by City Manager Bob Jean’s buddy (Owner) Asphalt Patch Systems, who broke my H2O pipe and the six U.P. Police cars that arrived to arrest and assault me (many injuries). “You’d better keep your mouth shut if you know what’s good for you!”

3. Next-door neighbor, drug dealer shot five, 9-mm bullets into my house & car, and one into (accidently into a distant neighbors house) - called four times in five hours. U.P. Police “refused to respond” and officially by Jim Andrews & Jennifer Hales. “It did not happen…”. Fifteen degrees to the left and my No. 3 son would need to be buried or cremated to avoid stinking up the area.

4. There are too many incidents to mention here, but I, my wife and No. 3 son would be all but too happy to respond to all questions. It would take at least a TNT like diatribe re: “Recall Dale Washam” to cover all this.

5. Don’t Believe It? Many video and audio tapes are available !

6. These and all other/most facts (to be honest and factual as requested) were recently (within the last five weeks) were briefed to “new” City Manager Steve Sugg and Steve Victor.  



Web site: see  www.youtube.com/carlmollnow To see how correct the latest TNT total (with facts) assessment of me is!

Email address:  cmollnow1@comcast.net           

Phone number:  253-564-1481

Campaign manager: Carl J. Mollnow

Campaign manager contact information:  cmollnow1@comcast.net /253-564-1481



Elected: U.P. Community Council (?) Law & Justice Chair

28th. District Republican Club :  Vice. Pres. – Newsletter Publisher & Editor

U.S.A.F. Class 61-Foxtrot Primary Training Yearbook Editor

U.S.A.F.  Class 61-Foxtrot Basic Training Yearbook Editor         

Pierce County Republican Party Sgt-at-Arms - X3 & others

Corvette Marque Club of Seattle: - Vice. Pres. – Newsletter Editor – Events Chair –Seattle

International Raceway Parking & Operations Chair – Official Club Chief Pilot


Other campaigns for public office:

 University Place City Council: 1995-2007, 2009-2011



What is the primary reason you are running for this office?

 1. No more spending on anything except paying down our City’s $60 million-plus debt by selling off the land & buildings we own/within the Town Center area and let real developers develop the land. For businesses, that we drop ALL impact fees for and let them “Fly Free to Succeed U.P.!"


What will be your top three priorities if you get elected and why?

1. Get a total of four, common sense votes to add to the one common sense vote of Javier Figueroa. Now, it is “the rest of us against you Javier...” Caroline Belleci, at a recent Council meeting.

2. Pair with: Lakewood Police Department for a new University Place Police Department and shed ourselves from the endemic corruption  (Sheriff Janovich, etc.) that has plagued the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department since my 1965 arrival. Hire the many fine P.C. Sheriff’s deputies that are rendered inoperative by an inadequate command structure.

3. Aid and assist the new city manager and staff in taking this City of University Place out of the "Disaster it is Encompassed By." We need four common sense votes we do not now have, and only the voters can do this by waking up to reality. And with the “complaint you make for any reason” is registered into our books by “date and seal” and responded to as the Constitution of the United States was so written.   

What sets you apart from the other candidates and/or previous office holders?

I have been assaulted, verbally and physically attacked, threatened with death by several of the police staff and this should not be and it should be addressed truthfully.

I am not afraid to confront the undue threats against me for un-covering corruption and just plain bad judgment.

As is attested by my media coverage over serious international issues, covered by and affirmed by “Jack Anderson with Les Whitten Column” (Google it), “60 Minutes” with Ed Bradley (X2), “Current Affair”, “The Crusaders”, local  KOMO TV, KING TV, KIRO TV, KLAY, and coverage all over the world, "40-plus hours” on live talk radio, etc., etc., “Mollnow v. Carlton” on hundreds of lawsuits up to and including the U.S. Supreme Court as did I show, that if you have a problem within this city I will address it.

Check Out – www.youtube.com/carlmollnow  to be but a small portion of my travels in this experiment in Democracy.

Question: Has anyone candidate – good, bad or indifferent – done as much ?


Official endorsements:

1. Pierce County Republican Party  - Carl J. Mollnow


2. The Tacoma News Tribune (now: “The News Tribune” ):

2009 - "volatile," or something like that.

2011 - "Mollnow is temperamentally unsuited for the council. Nye and Campbell are both smart and analytical; both are in real estate. Nye is an uncommonly impressive candidate. He is a former Special Forces commander; he founded a real estate marketing company, and he’s a state and regional leader of Realtors organizations.

Thank You, News Tribune  “ I Love you too!“ I approved this message! - Carl J. Mollnow

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