This is a personal guide I use to search public records. After a long journey trying to find that illusive free background check online. I finally settled on a system that I now use for my business and personal searches.

The reality is there is no complete system that offers afree background check, free criminal background check, or a free public records search. The only databases individuals can access for free are local government agencies. Which are limited by location and public record type. In order to see all background records, criminal records, and general public records. A specialized company is required. This company actively scans public records in all states and multiple government agencies. They then consolidate all records into one easy to use database. Unfortunately because of the work required to keep the databases up-to-date. Its a paid service.

Here's my personal choice when I need a full background check.
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Individuals looking for background checks, criminal records, and other public records can perform a free scan just by entering first and last name. The free scan will show you if any records exist. To access full details of the record a small fee is paid.
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Background reports will typically consist of the following.

General Public Records / People Search: Recorded documents and information that the law considers public information

Criminal Records: Public information of criminal activities. These records typically consist of basic violations such as traffic tickets, dui, dismissed and pending charges, to more severe violations.

Misdemeanors: Less severe violations that typically result in a fine.

Arrest Records: Records of prior arrests.

Felonies Crimes: These are serious offenses that include prison time.

Sex Offenders: Individuals that are registered as sex offenders by the government to keep track of current residence and activities.

Marriage Records: Marriage certificate issued by the government.

Divorce Records: Divorce documents.

Civil Court Lawsuits: When a plaintiff incurred a loss and is suing for damages.

Other record types include: Real Estate Records, Birth Certificate, Death Records, Licenses, Bankruptcy, Foreclosures, and Federal Records.

How to do a free background check online, free criminal background check, or find free public records online. For anyone that just needs local / agency specific records and is willing to dig around; a limited free background check is possible. It helps a great deal to be search engine savvy.

For example by googling keyword phrase: Specific State Public Records (example " Texas Public Records") you'll get a variety of results. Look for domain names that end with .gov these are official state government websites. The official page will typically  provide instructions and have links to varies state agencies. By playing around with words (example " Houston Texas Property Records") you'll find results more specific to your needs. Try using state, city, county specific phrases and see what gives you the best results.

Not all states provide background checks free. Certain state databases might still charge a small fee for access. I use local databases for certain searches. But dont always have time to dig up the records myself or have time to check multiple states.

I prefer to use background check companies that specialize in this field and can be accessed 24 hours a day with great customer support.
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