Jul 29, 2014

Woodinville Speaks: Ban Plastic Bags

Patch asked the community if Woodinville should follow Edmonds lead and ban the use of plastic bags.

Woodinville Speaks: Ban Plastic Bags

Last week marked the marked the year anniversary of Edmonds as the first city in Washington to .

So, Patch asked Woodinville to tell us if a similar ban should come to town. The answer was yes, ban those plastic bags. People answered on Patch's Facebook page and in comments. Here is what they said:

Michelle Murphy Ramey: I'm all for it and have used re-usable bags for years now.

Bernice Schick: I'm all for it as well. I am so tired of seeing plastic. Plastic bags for every little thing and the doubling of them is even worse. I try to carry out as much as I can without getting it bagged or try to remember to bring my own.

Sandi Eby Warner: I use BOTH [paper and plastic bags]. Use plastic in waste baskets and for kitty litter box, etc. Some folks are responsible with the use of plastic.

Ronald Long: It's a small step, but certainly one in the right direction. I'm for it.

Susan Milke: Absolutely. How hard is it to carry a cloth bag in your car or backpack? I bring my cloth bags into every store I go into. It would be a step in the right direction and cut down on our dependency on oil. Plastic is oil!

Now we'd like to hear from the business community in Woodinville. How would a ban on plastic bags effect your business?

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