Jul 26, 2014

20 People Involved in Chuck E. Cheese's Brawl That Nets 2 Arrests

Town of Brookfield Police says someone used pepper spray in fight, which started because one kid was taking too long to exchange game tickets for a toy, FOX6 News reports.

20 People Involved in Chuck E. Cheese's Brawl That Nets 2 Arrests

Two women were arrested Saturday night after a fight involving as many as 20 people broke out at the Chuck E. Cheese's in the Town of Brookfield, according to FOX6 News.

Five people also were treated for injuries after someone used pepper spray in the fight,which reportedly started because a child was taking too long to exchange his game tickets for prizes, FOX6 reports.

The isn't the first time police have been called to the family restaurant at 19125 W. Blue Mound Road — not by a long shot. However, it has been several years since Town of Brookfield police were routinely showing up at the restaurant to break up fights.

In 2007 and 2008, police were called to this Chuck E. Cheese's nearly 100 times, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Although problems appear to have lessened since then.

Chuck E. Cheese's — which bills itself as a place where "a kid can be a kid" — has problems with fights all over the country. 

In February of this year, t hree adults were arrested on multiple charges of battery, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct stemming from a disturbance at Chuck E. Cheese in Oak Lawn, IL, a suburb of Chicago.

Two weeks ago,  a fight broke out at at Chuck E. Cheese's in Long Island, NY, in which a woman was throwing punches while holding a baby. The YouTube video of that fight has received more than 158,000 views.

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